The Calm Before the Race

By Susan Phillips

I’ve always liked Legends Day at IMS. I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and rush to the track and it is a pretty laid-back day. Today George’s family comes in and they become absorbed in the annual history and technology behind racing. Don’t get me started about the annual day-long trip to the IMS Museum where every valve, strut, and livery are closely examined in the way only engineers and long-time race fans can do. Sometime today or tonight my son, Eric will arrive and the friend he was going to bring had to back out at the last minute due to a family illness, so I’m not sure who is coming with him.

We’ve had a fun Month of May—albeit a bit hectic. In my business, May is always the busiest month. I have survived at least three Graduation seasons in my stores. In case you didn’t know, Graduation is the busiest month for cakes, and so I have been training/doing more than my fair share of cakes. I’m glad I can type this because I’m not sure my hand will close around a pencil. But being in the business of cake is a happy thing. Generally, by race weekend, I am reaching into my last reserve of energy.

If you have never made it up to the more laid-back weekends during the Month of May, you are really missing out. I love the calmness of the track and the chance to enjoy walking around at your leisure. No long lines and you can see a little bit more than when the track is packed on race day.

We got to see the world premiere of Rapid Response last night, which was a very interesting movie about the advances of keeping the drivers safe through the years. It was a great, but sobering movie. I highly recommend seeing it—I don’t know the history of all of the crashes that occurred during races, so it was very eye-opening to me.

We also met up with Patti Nolen, who won my Tenth Anniversary Trivia contest to give her fabulous prize.

So here are a few shots I took from the driver’s meeting some other memories of out Month of May.

rapid response red carpet

winner patti


autograph pippa


dog socks 2

Drink Milk

Front Row

Helio Point

herta look

Lynn St James


powe baby borg


6 Responses to “The Calm Before the Race”

  1. What was Carlton Herta looking at in the box in your photo at the drivers meeting ? Maybe a Fried Chicken box lunch ?

  2. heard of your brush with celebrity cake fame, congratulations susan. photos always good. hoping for a safe and exciting 500 tomorrow…and as little rain as possible.

  3. Bruce Waine Says:

    ‘Twas the Night Before Indy

    By Chris Sheridan

    Twas the night before Indy
    And all ’round the track
    Not an engine was purring
    Not even a cat.

    The race suits were hung
    By the helmets with care
    In hopes that St. Marmon
    Soon would be there.

    The drivers were resting
    All snug in their beds
    While visions of milk bottles
    Danced in their heads.

    The Dallaras sat silent
    Awaiting command
    While green, white and checkered flags
    Stood in their stand.

    When out on the bricks
    I heard such a clatter
    I headed down pit lane
    To see what’s the matter.

    In Gasoline Alley
    I saw such a sight
    ’twas the old Marmon Wasp
    Like a ghost in the night.

    With it’s little old driver
    His hair turning grey
    I knew in a moment
    It must be St. Ray.

    Like Dan Gurney Eagles
    The other cars came.

    He whistled and shouted
    And called them by name
    Now Offy! Now Novi!
    Now Hall’s Chaparral!
    Lolas and Marches
    McLarens and all!

    To the top of the grid
    Along the pit wall
    Drive away! Drive away!
    Drive away all!

    And then on a microphone
    I heard in the night
    A golden-voiced angel
    Who brings such delight.

    The Ghost of Tom Carnegie
    With a smile on his face:

    “500 miles to all

    And to all a good race!”

  4. Ron Ford Says:

    Well done blogerette. You take the cake Susan!

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