It’s Race Day Morning at IMS!

Good morning from a dry (for now) Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Success was achieved as we were not only inside the track before the opening bomb went off, but we were actually already ensconced in the IMS Media Center.

It is a comfortable 70° as daylight is starting to appear over Turn Two. When we awoke at 4:00 this morning, the first thing I did was check the radar. There was a giant red cell to the northwest. But it looked like it was tracking to the north. I was encouraged that it was still dry as we left out hotel at 5:20 am. When we parked, it was starting to spit rain on us. I grabbed my umbrella just in case but never used it.

Now the radar shows that the giant red cell has gone through and anything to the west appears to be trending to the north. I’m no meteorologist, but if I had to bet – I’d say that we at least get in an official race (101 Laps). Twitter’s IndyCar Weatherman just tweeted out that there may be a delay at some point in the day, but he projects we get all 500-miles in. Fingers crossed.

The biggest pressure we will face all day is already behind us. We are here. I always have fear of some backup or road closure causing us to get to our parking spot too late and from there, things will go terribly wrong. That fear has been averted for another year.

I will be back here after the race for a recap and have “Random Thoughts” tomorrow. But if there is an extended delay, we may come back up here and do an additional post.  For now, Happy Race Day everybody and enjoy the 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500.

George Phillips

5 Responses to “It’s Race Day Morning at IMS!”

  1. Bob in NSB Says:

    I’m living vicariously through you today! Looking forward to great race!

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    Good Morning George and Susan. It is 7:30 AM here in Wisconsin. I was so keyed up last night that I could not sleep. The 5-day weather report for Indianapolis shows no rain for the beginning of the race. So, with two hours to kill before the pre-race coverage begins, I will prepare some snacks, put some beer in the coolerator, and take my dog for a long walk so he does not bother me during the race. As a former Hoosier, of course I will tear up during the pre-race ceremonies. I went to college along “the Wabash” and “roamed the fields” of my Uncle Paul’s farm north of Frankfort.
    And so after a year of waiting it has come to this: “On this Memorial Day weekend, we pause for a moment of silence, to pay homage to those individuals who have given their lives-unselfishly and unafraid-so that we may witness as free men and women, the world’s greatest sporting event. We also pay homage to those individuals who have given their lives-unselfishly and without fear-to make racing, the world’s most spectacular spectator sport.” More than anything, I pray that tomorrow we will not be paying homage to a race driver or crew member who lost their life or who were seriously injured during today’s race.

    It’s almost time for “GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!” Find yourself a classic tenderloin and settle in.

  3. Things looking good so far from Section 57 of the Tower Terrace.

  4. I am extremely displeased that NBC cut to commercial when the cars rolled off and did not show it. That is my single favorite moment of the race. The excitement of the cars starting, the crews pushing them off, the one car that doesn’t start immediately and its crew frantically trying to get it going… I guess, I didn’t get to see it. The pace laps sure, but not the roll-off.

    • Ron Ford Says:

      I agree. Other than that I think the NBC coverage has been good so far with 40 laps to go. The former winner of “The Voice” TV program Chevel Shepherd did a wonderful job with “America the Beautiful” IMO, as did the guy who did a powerful version of “Back Home Again in Indiana”.

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