The Regrettable Part of May

Every silver lining has its dark cloud. It’s the Month of May, but with that comes another edition of One Take Only. It’s been exactly one year to the day, since we did our last video together.

My longtime friend John McLallen and I have been doing these since August of 2011. John and I were co-workers for years, and he was even the best man at our wedding almost eleven years ago (next week).


If you are really wanting to seek out self-torture, they are all archived under the Pages category at the top right of the home page of this site. Quite a bit of aging has taken place in the past twelve years, and it’s quite obvious if you scroll down to Episode One. If you’ve ever seen the first few episodes of Seinfeld, the characters are woefully underdeveloped – to the point that it is really uncomfortable to watch. That’s the way the first few episodes of One Take Only are.

While we have gotten more comfortable doing these, doesn’t mean they have improved any in the past twelve years. We still primarily talk racing, but we also tend to wander off-topic every now and then.

In this episode, we briefly discuss the 2023 season so far – but we also look ahead to the Month of May, including the GMR Grand Prix this weekend. We make some long-range picks for the Indianapolis 500, and we still work in gthe evils of dri-fit shirts.

Many of you love these, while others (even within my own family) despise them. If you haven’t liked them before, there’s nothing any different in this one. You won’t like it either. But if you do like these, for whatever reason – pour a cup of coffee and give us a listen. But you’ll probably regret it and realize it was thirty-two minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.

George Phillips

4 Responses to “The Regrettable Part of May”

  1. billytheskink Says:

    It’s bench racing, what’s not to like? We’re racing fans, don’t we all do it too?

  2. You guys had me at Fresno (Hometown), and yes it’s May and I have my annual excitement about the race; and my regrets… that I don’t live in Indianapolis! I would love to be there for all the practices, and qualifications in addition to the race.
    George, I would love to see you do something about the oval tracks that many of us cherish. Perhaps “Ovals that should be, could be, or shouldn’t be added to the schedule”.
    Just like your friend John, I am having a hard time picking “the one” that I think will win the 500 this year. I will say that I hope the winner comes from the ECR team, but also would no be upset to see Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, or Helio for his 5th drink the milk this year.
    You mentioned that Marcus Ericson is kind of like A J Foyt in that he won many of his races at the last minute. Personally, I think that’s what every good racer should do … be there at the end. It’s only the leader of the last lap that really counts.

  3. OliverW Says:

    Let’s hope “ the guy with the double barrelled name “ wins and remembers to send John McLallen the empty bottle.

    My pick is Scott McLaughlin however would love Sato to bring it home first.

  4. Yannick Says:

    The William Rast car is beautiful. And what a victory!

    Let’s have at least another episode of “One Take Only” this year. These are still great as ever.

    If I were to visit Nashville, it would be because of the music. Are there more concerts than in other cities of the same size? I guess so.

    Ericsson being the current points leader should be the top contender at this point.

    I wouldn’t rule out Team Rahal either.

    Newgarden, Pato, Sato, Herta? There are so many capable contenders in the field this year, it’s going to be a great race.

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