It’s Race Day at Barber

It’s another dunny morning from Barber Motorsports Park. The weatherman pretty well called it Rain came through overnight, but if it stormed we never heard it. It pushed through, but it is now a little cooler. It was 57° when we woke up and it should reach a high of 70° – absolutely perfect weather for a race.

If it rained as hard as predicted, it probably means teams will be dealing with a green race track this morning. The morning warmup will commence at 11:00 CDT, but will only give teams thirty minutes to adjust to any changes in the track.

We rolled into the track about 9:00 am, and there was already a line of cars – a good sign for a big crowd. Someone on one of the shuttles told us yesterday that they are expecting a record crowd today. We’ll see, because every track is optimistic on Saturday regarding their Sunday crowd. But you could not ask for more perfect weather.

This will do it for us until after the race. We are going to go grab a bite to eat, then head to the pits for the morning warm-up. I will have a race re-cap after the race, then I will have my usual “Random Thoughts” post on Monday. Please check back after the race.

George Phillips

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