Hello, It’s Me

By Susan Phillips

Hello from our second day at Barber Motorsports Park for the Children’s of Alabama Grand Prix. I’m trying to get into the swing of things again and it’s not easy.

The photos I’ve taken have been horrible (see example one) and I’m having some issues walking around. Those who have been here from the beginning probably remember the Lady of The Lake—she’s back.


lady lake

Now they need a partially submerged Buc-ee to go with her along with the theme of the area. If you don’t know who Buc-ee is, you will soon when a Buc-ee’s moves in at an interstate near you.


I hate to say it, but everything is such a blur. Hopefully another night of sleep will make me race-ready. I’m looking forward to the race, but I need to make flash cards of the new drivers and liveries this year. I have to ask George—“Is that a new driver?” I have learned to recognize most of them now—they are the ones wearing the driver’s suit.

Of course, Barber is the same beautiful track that we remember year to year. I’m trying to decide if the buffalo statues are new or did I miss them last year when I was in much worse shape than this year. They always add something new, I’m just not sure if it’s the Lady of the Lake. They have also added some merchandise booths—namely for Pato O’Ward and Roman Grosjean over near the Fan Zone. The Ferris Wheel looks fresh and tempting—if it’s not too crowded, maybe I can get George to ride with me. There also looks like they have added a wider variety of food and drinks.


Grpjean booth


2 Responses to “Hello, It’s Me”

  1. Enjoy the race Susan, thanks for the update and your pictures!

  2. Kessler Maurice Says:

    At the open test at Indy, if you didn’t have a spotter guide you were in trouble (and I did’nt). it gets even more difficult with some teams due to the changing (paint or wrap) during the year. I realize the importance of the sponsers, but I think IndyCar should make it a requirement to have large readable numbers in & on the same spot on all cars.

    It’s great to hear you are out and about. Set your own pace and appreciate and enjoy the progress,which is remarkable, that you have already made.

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