It’s Race Day in Nashville!

Good morning from a bright and sunny Big Machine Music City Grand Prix! They are predicting a real scorcher today, but in all honesty – I didn’t think it felt as bad as yesterday coming in. My car said it was 88° as I was headed this way. Yesterday at the same time, it said 91°. I realize that’s not a huge difference, but the main thing is that it does not feel as humid today and there seems to be a slight breeze blowing. I know fans and drivers alike hope that these conditions carry over to this afternoon.

As expected, there are a lot more people here for Race Day than the two previous days. As I was driving in, I heard on local radio that all of the suites had been sold, but there were still some grandstand seats available.

Speaking of the weather, it’s pretty now, but it was at this time yesterday. If you ever want an idea what to expect on a race weekend, follow IndyCar Weatherman on Twitter at @Indycar_Wxman. He is a government meteorologist who is usually dead-on accurate. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Pocono one year. he is a great guy, but knows what he’s talking about. Here is his latest forecast for today.


On the way here this morning, I stopped off at Vanderbilt Hospital to visit with Mrs. Oilpressure. She is still doing much better and they plan to discharge her on Monday or Tuesday. She plans to get dressed in real clothes, sit up in the chair and watch the race. She is also writing a quick note for everyone that I will post around 12:15 pm CDT.

I am going to go grab some lunch and roam the paddock before the race. Please check out Susan’s post and then I will be here after the race for a quick recap.

Enjoy the race!

George Phillips

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