The Mrs. Oilpressure Trivia Contest

By Susan Phillips

Note from George…Just a reminder that I will be posting every weekday in May and also every weekend from the track at IMS, up through my "Random Thoughts" on the Monday after the Indianapolis 500. Please remember to come here for a new post every day in the Month of May.

Now enjoy a different type of trivia quiz from Susan. She has worked hard on this over the past couple of months, talking to drivers, driver’s significant others as well as their PR reps to get some of this information – fifty questions about current drivers for this year’s Indianapolis 500 (note – even though he has not been confirmed, there may be a couple of Oriol Servia questions listed); along with a few questions regarding Mr. and Mrs. Oilpressure that you would know if you are a loyal reader of this site. As an added bonus, she gives better prizes than I do, so give it a try. – GP

To commemorate the ten year anniversary of, I have decided to do my own brand of nearly impossible trivia. But this one focuses mostly on the current drivers, instead of those from decades back—but there are a few about George and me. I think this is a good way to know the drivers better off track and maybe a few things about George and me. Almost all of the answers are out there if you search Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Some of them came from the drivers themselves and their significant others; while some came from this site. Guessing is welcomed—and in some cases, probably necessary.

The prize? An logo backpack by Ogio, with a few surprise items inside.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday May 15 at 6:00 EDT. Please submit all entries to and please put “Susan Trivia” in the subject line and please number your answers.

The tie-breaker will be the date the entry was submitted. Good luck!

1. What IndyCar driver was a professional rollerblade instructor to earn extra money?

2. What IndyCar driver won a Razor Scooter Championship at age 11?

3. Which Driver proposed to his wife at the Statue of Liberty?

4. Which driver bred and raised Budgerigars with their father when they were young?

5. What sport did Conor Daly play in Middle School?

6. Where did George and I meet? What year was it?

7. What is my very favorite thing about attending the REV Group Grand Prix at Road America?

8. What are our dog’s names and what/who were they named for?


Questions 9 through 18; Name the drivers who own these pet(s). Name the pet(s).

9. What driver do these pets below belong to and what are their names?


10. This driver’s pet (below) has had 3 different names can you name them all? Name the driver.


11. Which driver do these pets (below) belong to and what are their names?


12. Which driver does this pet (below) belong to and what is the name?


13. Whose pet (below) is this and who/what is he named for?


14. Name the driver and the pet (below). Extra points: This pet is an Ambassador for a cause, name that cause.


15. Which driver does this horse below belong to? Name the horse.


16. Name the driver and the pet (below).


17. Which driver does this pet (below) belong to? Name the pet.


18. Name the driver and the pet (below).


19. What year did I attend my first Indy 500 and who won? What made it an atypical race?

20. What driver’s first and only pet was a goldfish named “Jaws”?

21. What driver worked for his parent’s furniture store when he was young?

22. Who did I give my wedding flowers to after our wedding at IMS?

23. Which driver was accepted to Stanford, but deferred his acceptance to pursue racing?

24. Which driver lost his front tooth from a team celebration event?

25. Which driver is the only driver with whom I have ever taken a selfie?

26. Where did I have Tony Kanaan autograph my son’s shirt so I knew the shirt would remain intact?

27. If you wanted to go camping and needed equipment, which driver could sew you a tent that you would actually sleep under? He could also sew you some new seat covers for your ride.

28. Which driver celebrates every win by having tacos with his family afterward?

29. Which driver had a cat named Oskar while growing up?

30. Which IndyCar driver is this (below)?


31. Name a driver who still drives the first vehicle he has ever owned? Extra points: Make, model and year of vehicle.

32. Which driver’s parents owned a grocery store where he worked in each and every department as a youth?

33. Which driver proposed to his wife in Venice, Italy?

34. Which driver was accepted to MIT, but deferred his acceptance to pursue racing?

35. Oriol Servia holds what degree from what university?

36. Which driver met his wife at the GP Long Beach in 2004?

37. Name a driver who purchased his childhood home and spends all his free time there? Bonus: Where is this home?

38. Which driver graduated from Butler University and what is his degree in?

39. Name a driver who played hockey in goal as a youth before pursuing a racing career?

40. Name the driver who was featured in GQ magazine as an 11-year old karting prodigy?

41. Which non-winning Indy 500 driver has a microbeer named for him? Extra points: name the beer and the brewery.

42. What is Pato O’Ward’s favorite non-racing sport?

43. Name the driver that was a national high school cycling champion?

44. Which driver wrote the book "99 Things Teens Wish They Knew Before Turning 16"?

45. What is the only recipe ever featured on

46. Who are the oldest and youngest drivers competing for a spot in this year’s Indy 500 grid?

47. Which person in the IndyCar community do I seek out at every race, to have my picture made with?

48. What sport did Josef Newgarden play in high school?

49. Name a current driver that was born in Dallas, TX.

50. Name a current driver and former winner of the Indianapolis 500 that has had a beer named for him in the Indianapolis area.

4 Responses to “The Mrs. Oilpressure Trivia Contest”

  1. billytheskink Says:


  2. Bruce B Says:

    Wonder how many Donald Davidson would get?

  3. Holy cow! I only know a few. Can’t wait for the answers, Susan. Good job.

  4. Bruce Waine Says:

    Where is George when we need his assistance ! !

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