Will Power Wins The IndyCar Grand Prix

I am lucky enough to be sitting very close to Donald Davidson while he is on the radio in the media center. When he sat down, Kevin Lee asked him how he liked today’s race. His answer was “Well” and then he paused before saying “…the weather was nice”. It’s sort of like trying to say something nice about an unattractive date. You usually end up saying something about a great personality or something like that.

It pretty well says it all about the IndyCar Grand Prix. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was good and there were twenty-two shiny race cars on the track. OK…there were twenty-one shiny ones and the matte black car of Charlie Kimball.

Will Power led from the pole for the first twenty-four laps until he pitted. His Team Penske teammate, Helio Castroneves, then led until the second round of pit stops on Lap 46, when Power led again. Once the third round of pit stops cycled through, Power retained the lead.

The only late race drama was watching Helio Castroneves drop from second to fifth in the closing laps.

In the end, it was Will Power winning the race, with Scott Dixon finishing second and Ryan Hunter-Reay finishing third.

Here is a shot of the top three cars and the podium celebration.



There will be no post here on Sunday, but I will have my usual “Random Thoughts” post on Monday. Thanks for following along. On Monday, the cars start running the “right” way. Regardless of the excitement level of the race, it was a great way to start out the Month of May. Now it gets serious.

George Phillips

5 Responses to “Will Power Wins The IndyCar Grand Prix”

  1. George, don’t you mean on Monday the cars start running the “left” way?

    Arf, arf…. Lol!

  2. billytheskink Says:

    The race could have used a caution, I suppose, but I thought it was alright. Of course, sitting next to Donald Davidson is more interesting than many races…

  3. agree…a good personality race…everyone should get a trophy

  4. madtad1 Says:

    Try to watch the race on Always Bad Coverage to help you with your column. They mentioned Kimbel dropping out of the race about 20 laps after he was out, but made it seem like it had just happened…and still never said why he was out. Their coverage sucked worse than a vacume cleaner with a burned out motor.

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