A Day At The Museum

Yesterday, I took advantage of the free admission to the IMS Museum. Not only did I save money and get another chance to take in the iconic cars from yesterday, but the crowd was much thinner that it is on my usual visit on the Saturday before the race.

I will strike first and make the joke about everything not being original. I think those that took issue with that article misconstrued my message and took it too literally.

First, the good – and it was very good.

The AJ Foyt exhibit was excellent. It took up practically half of the museum. Not only did it feature many of his Indianapolis 500 cars, several of his sprints, midgets sports cars and even his record setting Olds Aerotech car.






One of the more interesting remnants of a car is the 1990 Lola tub that carried Foyt to one of his most harrowing accidents. At Road America in 1990, Foyt was approaching Turn One when his brake pedal went to the floor. He went straight off the course, went airborne and hit an embankment head-on. Foyt’s legs and feet were shattered and it was questioned if he would ever walk again. Some of the carnage is where the medical team cut away the car to get to him, but a lot of it occurred in the crash itself. It’s really interesting to see the honeycomb that made up the Lola.



Of course, there were all of the other iconic cars. Whether than taking pictures of the entire cars, I figured I would go all-artsy and get more close-ups.










They also had an entire wall dedicated to all program covers in IMS history. This s less than half of it.


Now for the bad. The Novi was not on display. Even worse, with this being the fiftieth anniversary of the Andy Granatelli turbine – Silent Sam was not on display. Nor was any other turbine.

Other than that – it was a very enjoyable day at the IMS Museum.

I’ll be back here after the race.

George Phillips

3 Responses to “A Day At The Museum”

  1. Ron Ford Says:

    Thanks George! I really enjoyed the “artzy” photos. I tend to look for those photo opportunities also. When you are at the museum again look for the new stickers that are rumored to be on some of the newer cars now. The stickers say “Kimball Scratch”.

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    I was at RA when A.J. went straight instead of turning right at turn #1. How he managed to survive that continues to amaze me. But then, he is A.J. Foyt.

  3. billytheskink Says:

    Many thanks for the photos, George. I was telling my father about the Foyt exhibit, now I can show him.

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