Pocono Race Day – Part Two

For the third day in a row – welcome to Pocono Raceway. The skies are blue with puffy clouds. It is a brisk 64-degrees, but it is very windy. Winds are supposed to be 15-knots out of the north, with gusts up to 25-knots – not ideal conditions for cars going 220 mph.

Stands Morning

The media center is about two-thirds empty, and so is the parking lot. I’d like to say there is a buzz less than two hours before the green flag, but there isn’t. Everyone seems disgruntled to be here an extra day and appear to get this thing done and get t over with. Maybe if I went t every race, I might feel the same way. As it is though, I think Paul and I are some of the few that are happy to be here today.

I’d much rather be here today for a full five-hundred mile race than a partial race yesterday or a split race between yesterday and today.

It’s a shame that all three of Pocono’s major races, the two NASCAR races and the Verizon IndyCar Series race, have been pushed back to Monday this year. Unfortunately, I don’t expect many people at all to be sitting in the stands. There may be more people associated with the teams or series here today, than actual spectators. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’ll be that far off.

After the race, I will post my usual Monday “Random Thoughts” article. But due to travel tonight and tomorrow, I will not have a post on Wednesday. After the post late this afternoon, I will not have anything up here until Friday morning.

In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter at @Oilpressure.com for photos and updates. But please check back here after the race.

George Phillips

3 Responses to “Pocono Race Day – Part Two”

  1. I have to work today so I appreciate your posts and photos. More than anything, I hope we have a safe race, particularly with the strong winds you mentioned.

  2. Hodius Dude Says:

    Any report of weepers?

  3. Brian McKay Says:

    Thanks for blogging.

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