No Racing Today At Pocono

By now you’ve probably heard that the ABC Supply 500 has been postponed until Monday at noon and will be shown live on NBCSN. Trust me, it wasn’t a tough decision to make. It started spitting rain around noon and it set in for good around 1:30. So an earlier starting time would not have made any difference.

It’s roughly 3:30 as I type and the rain shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. It is a dark dreary day at the track and is still pouring down rain. It gets dark before 8:00 here, so even if it stopped right now – it would be at least 6:00 before the race could begin. And it isn’t stopping.

Being the dedicated troopers we are, we are staying over and will be here tomorrow. I’ll post as soon as we get here and then again after the race. You can also follow me on Twitter at @Oilpressureblog for latest updates. Check back tomorrow.

George Phillips

One Response to “No Racing Today At Pocono”

  1. Matt B. (Dayton, OH) Says:

    I’m heading your direction for the Monday race. Leaving in about 15 minutes. From Dayton!

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