We Have A Winner!

Apparently, I got my wish when I said I wanted this year’s trivia contest to be more difficult. I thought last year’s was tough, but the winning entry came in just before the deadline with all answers correct.  This year had another last minute entry, but he missed two. Still it was good enough to win  a beautiful brand-new 100% cotton (no dri-fit here) Oilpressure.com polo.

By the way, many have commented that they noticed the Oilpressure polos I was sporting at IMS over qualifying weekend and asked how they can get one. When I ordered the ones for Susan and me, I ordered one additional one for the trivia prize. However, the embroidery artwork is now on file and I could get additional ones fairly cheaply. I’m not looking to profit on these, but I don’t really want to be out any money out of pocket either. If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail. If there is enough interest, I’ll see what I can do. Here are a few pics of the polos from last weekend.

Polo 1

Polo 2

Polo 3

But this is not about selling shirts. This is congratulating reader Mike, on a job well done. Some longtime listeners of The Talk of Gasoline Alley with Donald Davidson may know Mike as "Mike From Vernon Hills". Not only did he get thirty-one correct answers (plus the tie-breaker), he got them in just under the wire. Well played.

Thanks to everyone who played. I don’t keep stats on it, but I believe this may have been a record turnout on entries e-mailed in. Without any further delay, here are your answers…

1. Ed Carpenter – 2014

2. Juan Montoya – 2000 and 2015.

3. James Melton – 1946

4. Art Malone

5. Louis Schneider

6. The 1965 teammate to Jim Clark, Bobby Johns, who passed away  this past spring

7. Don Freeland, Jimmy Reece, Eddie Sachs & Howard Kelly

8. Cyrus Patschke for Ray Harroun in 1911

9. Louis Schneider

10. Kevin Cogan, Mike Hiss, Bill Alsup, Paul Tracy and David Hobbs

11. Lou Palmer – two years (1988-89)

12. 1929 winner Ray Keech

13. 1969

14. Stark & Wetzel – 1952

15. Mutual Broadcasting System – Bill Slater

16. Lotus and Lola

17. Rodger Ward

18. Eddie Sachs – 1957

19. 1947 – Thirty cars

20. 1912, Joe Dawson – Michelin

21. 1994 – Mark Smith

22. 1986 – Dick Simon replaced Dennis Firestone

23. 1970 – Gene White, Mongoose

24. The Dragon

25. 1982 (49 drivers failed to qualify)

26. The 2007 race featured two Panoz chassis, driven by Jacques Lazier and Phil Giebler.

27. 1999

28. Graham Hill – Jackie Stewart was the 1966 Rookie of the Year

29. Firestone, Michelin, Palmer, Goodrich and Goodyear

30. 1974 – Tom Binford

31. Sam Hanks – 1957

32. Umbrella Mike

33. Jigger Sirois

Tie Breaker: Cliff Bergere

6 Responses to “We Have A Winner!”

  1. I guessed on no. 16. I knew Lotus but just guessed on Lola.

    I called Dawson’s on Main but never could find the answer to no. 7

    Very challenging. I imagine it is also a challenge for you to put together questions that are not easily found. Thanks again George.

    Congratulations Mike from Vernon Hills!

  2. I..I.. I’m sorry, trivia what? George lost me with the tenderloin sandwich (*drools*)…

    … (*drools more*)

  3. SteveK51 Says:

    But I still want to know how many cans of beer were under the hood of Herk’s Mallard, and how many seats are in J-Stand?

    ChampCarStats lists 73 unique drivers for 1984…

  4. billytheskink Says:

    I too, nearly called Dawson’s to try and get the answer to #7. You know you’ve made a great trivia contest when you’ve got celebrity entries, George.

    Good work Mike FromVernonHills (isn’t that your last name?), certainly a legendary name in Indy history trivia if there is one.

  5. The shirts are great, but how can I order one of those official Oilpressure.com Track Tenderloins?

  6. Ron Ford Says:

    Congratulations to the Thrill from Vernon Hills.

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