A Nice Lead-In For Race Weekend

With qualifications for the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 now behind us, what better time would there be for another episode of One Take Only? There have been a lot of new readers come to this site this month for the first time. Now that you’re here, you’ll probably never come back after watching one of these.

For the uninitiated, One Take Only is the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. My good friend John McLallen and I start the camera rolling and just start talking IndyCar racing. It’s not too hard to tell that these are unscripted, unedited and unrehearsed. We film for roughly fifteen minutes (or more). We do it once. What we get is what we get. We have no do-overs, hence the name One Take Only.

In this episode, we talk about qualifications from this past weekend as well as the upcoming race. We’ll also salute our pole-winner, James Hinchcliffe and discuss Susan’s karting injury.

Some love these, and some hate them. If you hate them, come back tomorrow. If you like them, pour a cup of coffee and join two old goats that grew up in the sixties going to the Indianapolis 500.

George Phillips

11 Responses to “A Nice Lead-In For Race Weekend”

  1. Brian McKay Says:

    Thanks. I’ll listen to it later while I drive.

  2. jhall14 Says:

    This race I believe we are seeing a “changing of the guard” at the speedway. Qualifying kinda bares this out. This race will be epic. Of course this is all speculation. Watch for charges from deep in the field. If Monday was any inclination of what is coming Sunday, this may be the greatest ever. Hope all ends well and safe. 500 miles is all that is left. Let’s get it on!!

  3. another epic “one take only” gentlemen! I’d like to see one of these after/before each race! Lets enjoy the long awaited 100th running!

  4. Yannick Says:

    Haven’t seen John as animated in any previous episode. This has been an awesome performance by you guys: the best episode so far.

    Here’s my best wishes to Susan for a speedy recovery, and wishing you all a great and safe race.

  5. SkipinSC Says:

    I’ll take one small issue with something John said: While the coverage of the last hour on Saturday was good, is there something else so significant on that you have to “bounce” IndyCar from WatchESPN to ABC to ESPNNews? The “House of Mouse” was playing musical chairs with IndyCar coverage all day! And, because of the weather delays, they had to let some of it go to the live stream instead of covering it at all. Had this been like some years where most of the “hot shoes” go out for their attempts early, television would have missed it entirely.

    Look, I realize Indy has nowhere near the importance it once did, but this is the “showcase” year with the One Hundredth Running. It occurs to me that if you can capture new hearts, eyes, and minds this year5, you add to the “base” for FUTURE years. Maybe the qualifications should be handled flag-to-flag by NBCSN?

    • I look forward to Carb Day because of NBCSN’s coverage. Even if I had figured out in the morning that the last hour would have been on ESPN, I wouldn’t have known which of the 4 channels I have to set to tape. Geez.

  6. billytheskink Says:

    Well, now I fear running onto Paul Dalbey in a dark alley…

  7. I feel as if I’ve been viciously slandered here. There is no evidence I was the culprit of Susan’s injuries, yet nonetheless, I have apologized to Susan on George’s behalf.

    There is obviously a little controlled rage in that charming southern gentleman persona on display here, likely fueled by the fact you got SMOKED on the karting oval by 0.008 seconds. Don’t worry, you’ll have yet another (likely wasted) shot at redemption this weekend. Remember, it’s whether you win or lose, not how you play the game!! 🙂

  8. Ron Ford Says:

    These things are beginning to grow on me. I am not sure what to make of that. Anyway.

  9. Matt B. (Dayton, OH) Says:

    Thanks guys. I always enjoy “One Take Only”. Enjoy all your posts George and all the effort you put into this site. And thanks for the tenderloin tip. I was at the track on Sunday and went right to the location you identified in an earlier week post (under the paddock close to section 7) and there it was! Looking forward to the race on Sunday, #38 for me! I’ll be in my regular seats in turn 3!

  10. EDGAR Emmitt Says:

    I enjoy you website George because of your information, your humor is so funny in many ways and yet you tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat Indy Car.
    I also enjoy Susans input and humor. You guys make a good pair.
    I’m going to try and look you up just to say hello.
    If you see 2 old people in the garage area with walkers,that us.
    I’ll be on the lookout for you in the red polo.
    All the best, Edgar

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