Fast Friday Wrap-Up

There was a brief break a little after 4:00 for rain, but other than that Fast Friday was just that – fast.

The top two speeds were from the Chevy powered cars of Will Power and Josef Newgarden respectively. Power topped the charts at 232.672 mph. Newgarden was jus behind at 232.344. The surprise however was in the rest of the top-ten – they were all Honda. James Hinchcliffe led the Honda charge with the third fastest time of the day with a speed of 231.972 mph. the next four cars were all from Andretti Autosport. Carlos Muñoz, Townsend Bell, Marco Andretti and Ryan Hunter-Reay made up positions 4-7.

Gabby Chaves continued his good run for Dale Coyne and had the eighth quickest time of the day at 231.136 mph. Mikhail Aleshin was ninth and the second Sam Schmidt car in the top-ten. Andretti Autosport’s rookie driver Alexander Rossi was tenth quickest. For good measure, Oriol Servia was the eleventh quickest, in anothe Sam Schmidt Honda-powered machine.

Would Chevy take the chance to sandbag all through a week of practice only to show their hand on Saturday? Well, they might if they were that confident in their abilities. But it seems like a big risk just to pull a surprise in qualifying.

I’ll admit, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I still think Chevy will win the pole and possibly sweep the front row. But I’ve got to admit, I’m starting to think Honda is for real. We’ll see what happens.

On the tenderloin front, I’m sorry to report that the usual stand that always sold the classic tenderloin is no longer selling them. Not only that, they seemed confused as to why everyone was asking about them. They had no clue what they even were. When I told them that a breaded tenderloin was an Indiana tradition; they explained that they were all from Florida. Seriously?? A group from Florida is in charge of concessions now? No wonder they had never heard of them.

People that go to New Orleans want creole cooking. That’s part of it. I wouldn’t go to New Orleans and eat at Red Lobster. People going to Indiana want authentic tenderloins, not these abominations served behind the Pagoda with Pepper Jack cheese and sliced carrots.

I did finally find a stand that sold one that was “decent” for $10. However, it was very pre-fab and perfectly round like a disc.


I’m afraid my days of eating tenderloin goodness at the track may be over. That saddens me. Oh well, enough of that soap box…for now.

That will do it for us today. Susan and I are going to try out Sarah Fisher’s 1911 Grill. Then I,m going to meet up with Paul Dalbey and go karting again. Susan hasn’t recuperated from last week’s episode when Paul punted her into the wall, so she’ll sit this one out. Check back tomorrow morning when we’ll be here all day for the first of two days of qualifying. The Chevy-Honda thing has suddenly gotten interesting.

George Phillips

10 Responses to “Fast Friday Wrap-Up”

  1. SkipinSC Says:

    I feel your pain on the tenderloin front. While in Indiana last weekend, I had two opportunities, one at Cafe Max in Culver and the other at a nondescript location in rural Indiana. Both were pretty dry and tasteless. Neither came close to the one I had at The Grill at Geist when visiting my brother in 2014. Guess I’ll have to come back next year to try again.

  2. Damn. My son and i were so looking forward to a track tenderloin. That and pancakes at Charlie Browns are a race day tradition for us.

    I super excited about the Chevy Honda battle now. Mostly I just want to see an American win the 100th. I’m normally not a jingoist, but it would be extra special to see the Stars and Stripes in victory lane this year.

  3. gbatalis Says:

    First, nice meeting you last weekend thru the fence with my buddy. Second, I am on board with the tenderloin quest. Really disappointed to hear IMS abandon tradition. I feel your pain. I won’t waste my time on carb day trying to find a good tenderloin and will stick with my cold fried chicken tradition on race day.

  4. Ron Ford Says:

    Who on God’s green earth puts sliced carrots on a tenderloin sandwich? I suppose next I will read that Jim Nabors will not be singing “Back Home Again in Indiana”. In our family, Grandma’s fried chicken was what we took to the track. I have been pleasantly surprised by the Hondas. Will Power seems to have the ability to jump in his car, run a lap or two, and put it at the top. Maybe there is something to this whole willpower deal.

  5. sejarzo Says:

    As I told George later in the day, I was hungry by 1:30 PM and wanted to get back out to see the action on track…so I bought the $10 cheeseburger and fries at that stand under Tower Terrace Section 50. It was **the worst** food I’d ever purchased at IMS. Lukewarm at best, cheese barely melted, fries ridiculously oversalted, and **no condiments** available other than ketchup and mustard packets. No onions, no relish. Utterly ridiculous.

  6. Someone who twitters needs to make Doug Boles aware of this tenderloin fiasco. That pre-made disc looked horrible, George.

  7. billytheskink Says:

    Guess I’ll have to hope they still sell tenderloins at the Hoosier Hundred.

  8. EDGAR Emmitt Says:

    Good food appears to be a thing of the past at the IMS.
    You can add to that reasonable and good quality shirts and hats.

    My only suggestion to the people that run the show is there is only going to be 1 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

  9. tonelok Says:

    Sorry to hear about your tenderloin let down George. I know how much they mean to you. Just add the tenderloin to the list of the many traditions that have eroded away at IMS. Maybe you can convince someone to open up a restaurant on Main St. in Speedway and resurrect the Indiana tenderloin on their menu. It could become such a hit that word could get out and eventually influence IMS to learn how to make them again. It could be one tradition brought back instead of taken away.

  10. S0CSeven Says:

    On an Indy Lights race a couple of weeks ago I’m sure one of the announcers said that Penske had won 19 of the last 22 pole positions for the Indy Cars. I guess after last weekend that would make it 20 of 23. I’m not gonna check it.

    I’m really not expecting anything different today….. but hoping.
    Could be a sleeper.

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