Good Morning From…

This morning does not find us at the Media Center of IMS, waiting for the track to dry. Instead, we are at the MedCheck Walk-In Medical Clinic on Main Street in Speedway.

I mentioned the other day that Susan had a huge bruise down her right side from karting last weekend. Yesterday at the track, she was becoming more stiff as the day went on. Last night, she couldn’t move (or sleep). By this time it should be getting better, not worse. Rather than risking worsening her condition for whatever might be going on in there, we decided it’d be best to get it checked out.

So we are at the new walk-in clinic next to the karting center on Main Street in Speedway where the injury took place. Paul and I went back and did more karting last  night, while Susan was soaking in a warm bath at the hotel. I want to stress that it wasn’t the fault of the track. In all honesty, it wasn’t Paul’s fault either. It was “just one of them racin’ thangs”.

I also want to stress that Susan s NOT a drama-queen or high maintenance. Quite the contrary. She is normally a trooper and has a very high tolerance for pain. When she complains at all, you know it’s serious. When she can hardly move, I know she’s not faking it or angling for sympathy.

She is currently in with the doctor right now. Once she’s done and we have a better idea of what’s wrong, we’ll head up the street to the track. From what I understand, the track is drying and Group 1 practice will begin at 11:00. Hopefully we’ll be there shortly and we’ll post from there. Stay tuned.

George Phillips

One Response to “Good Morning From…”

  1. I sure hope Susan is “cleared to drive” quickly and that you can get to the track.

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