Your 2015 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Answers

Before getting to lighthearted matters, I would like to wish James Hinchcliffe a full and fast recovery. When John and I recorded our One Take Only on Monday night, we did not know the gravity of the situation at that time. We were under the assumption that it was no more than a fractured femur, which is serious enough.

About 9:30 Monday night, I received an e-mail from a reader of this site whose name I won’t reveal. He had a reliable source tell him pretty much what was confirmed to us on Tuesday – that James Hinchcliffe suffered a wound from a suspension piece piercing the tub and going through his leg. He also told me in his e-mail that Hinchcliffe was still in danger Monday night, due to the amount of blood that was lost.

By now, it seems that Hinchcliffe has stabilized and will eventually recover, which is tremendous news. Like everyone else has, I would like to heap praises on the Holmatro Safety Team for the outstanding job they did to act quickly. It is not an over-dramatization to say that their actions saved Hinchcliffe’s life. It sounds so casual to say that they are the best in the business; but they really and truly are. Not that they’ll read this, but I would like to offer a public Thank You from all IndyCar fans for their response and actions.

Now, on to much more trivial matters (no pun intended)…

For the first week, there were three entries for the Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest that were tied for the lead with only three wrong answers each. Then there were two that missed only two. Yesterday morning, I got an e-mail with the subject “Is That All You’ve Got?”. Then yesterday afternoon, I got the last entry submitted.

It took almost the entire two weeks to finally receive a perfect submittal. Unfortunately, it came from the cocky person that claimed the quiz was too easy – my good friend and trivia nemesis, Paul Dalbey.

For two years, I was picked to go head-to-head with Paul on the More Front Wing Trivia podcast. In 2013, I prevailed – leaving Paul justifiably embarrassed losing on his own website (I would have been embarrassed too). He stewed about it for a year and challenged me to a re-match last year. He narrowly won, only because he probably knew the questions beforehand. After he snatched his title back, he promptly shut down his site – assuring himself that his title could never be taken from him again.

Now Paul is affiliated with our good friend James Black at 16th and Georgetown. I will admit that I goaded Paul into trying his hand at the contest, since no one had come up with a perfect score yet. I chided him and dared him to give it a try. Lo and behold, he did it; so give the devil his due.

Of course, this is all tongue-in-cheek. Paul is a good guy and I’m proud to call him a friend. I’m glad the prize is going to someone I know. But he had to earn it. I would not give him a single clue on anything even if he asked; which he didn’t.

So, congratulations Paul! And thanks to all of those that played. From the responses I got, it seems everyone enjoyed looking up the answers and learning a little bit more about this event we all love. The answers are below.

George Phillips

1. Car No.14 has won the Indianapolis 500 six times. Name all the drivers.
AJ Foyt – 2; Bill Vukovich – 2; Kenny Bräck – 1; Louis Meyer – 1

2. Who were the two legendary mechanics that were associated with Bill Vukovich during his winning years at Indianapolis?
Jim Travers & Frank Coon

3. What driver completed the most laps of any driver in an Indianapolis 500, while finishing last? What year? How many laps?
Bill Homeier – 1954; 74 laps.

4. What was the official name of the color that John Zink used to describe his “Pink Zinks”?
Tropical Rose

5. What was the last year an upright dirt car won the Indianapolis 500? Who was the driver?
1952 – Troy Ruttman

6. Al Unser finished ninth his rookie year in 1965, driving a Lola. What type car was he originally slated to drive?
Rear-engine Weisman Maserati

7. What was the first car to win the Indianapolis 500 twice with two different drivers?
The George Salih lay-down roadster; Sam hanks – 1957, Jimmy Bryan – 1958.
(The 1925 winning Duesenburg driven by Peter DePaolo has been alleged to have been the same one driven by George Souders, but there is significant dispute to that claim as well.)

8. How many times did the reigning Formula One champion race in the Indianapolis 500? Name the drivers and years they drove in the 500 as the reigning Formula One champion.
Five times: 1961 – Jack Brabham; 1964 – Jim Clark; 1966 – Jim Clark; 1968 – Denis Hulme; 1993 Nigel Mansell

9. Jim Hurtubise is known for campaigning a front-engine car long after they fell out of favor. What years did he drive a rear-engine car in the Indianapolis 500? 1966, 1972, 1974

10. Ray Harroun won the Inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911, driving the Marmon Wasp wearing No.32. Who was the last driver to win the race driving car No.32 and in what year?
George Souders – 1927

11. What was Joe Leonard’s nickname?
Pelican Joe

12. What Indianapolis 500 winning driver drove under another identity – that of another driver who was an eventual Indianapolis 500 pole winner? Jim Rathmann

13. Who was the first foreign-born driver to win the Indianapolis 500?Jules Goux – 1913

14. Who was the first native-born Hoosier to win the Indianapolis 500? Joe Dawson – 1912

15. What driver analyst had to leave the IMS Radio Network booth for seven years due to a potential conflict of interest, before returning for five more years?   Fred Agabashian

16. What driver also worked as a bricklayer and actually helped lay some of the brickwork at Speedway High School?  Jim McElreath

17. What is the first occupation listed on Jim Clark’s tombstone?

18. What year was the Indianapolis 500 first televised live (not closed-circuit) on ABC?  1986

19. What was the last year that USAC sanctioned the Indianapolis 500? 1997

20. How many drivers have won the Indianapolis 500 twice in a row? Name them.  Five – Wilbur Shaw 1939-40; Mauri Rose 1947-48; Bill Vukovich 1953-54; Al Unser 1970-71; Helio Castroneves 2001-02.

21. “Straight No Chaser” will sing Back Home Again in Indiana at this year’s Indianapolis 500. When was the last time someone other than Jim Nabors sang that song in pre-race ceremonies? Who was it?
1986 – John Davies

22. For years, Tony Kanaan was synonymous with No.11. He won the 2013 race driving that number. He now drives No.10. How many times has No.10 won the Indianapolis 500?
Once – 2010 (Dario Franchitti drove car No.50 in the 2012 race)

23. Troy Ruttman was the youngest driver to ever win the Indianapolis 500 when he won it in 1952. That record still stands today. Before Ruttman won in 1952, what driver held that record?  Joe Dawson

24. Who was the first fan in line for thirty-seven consecutive years at The Speedway?  Larry Bisceglia

25. The 1956 race was threatened to be postponed or even cancelled due to standing water on the track and in the infield along with flooded tunnels from heavy rains. The fact that the track was somehow made ready by race morning is known as what?
Cagle’s miracle

26. What organization does AJ Foyt IV currently work for?
Indianapolis Colts

27. There have been 98 races, but there are 101 faces on the Borg-Warner trophy. Who are the other three?
The two co-winners from 1924 and 1941, and Tony Hulman

28. When was the last year a front-engine car ever raced in the Indianapolis 500? 1968

29. Who was the last French-born driver to win the Indianapolis 500?
Gil de Ferran

30. Who holds the record for most years between starts in the Indianapolis 500?  Jacques Villeneuve 1995-2014

31. How many individual jets are in the fountain in front of the IMS Hall of Fame Museum?  Thirty-three

32. Who qualified for the race, yet served as the driver analyst on the IMS Radio Network for the entire race that same year?
Mike Hiss – 1978, after he qualified the car for Mario Andretti

33. Two Super Bowl heroes were co-owners of separate teams in the 1995 Indianapolis 500. Name them.
Walter Payton (Payton-Coyne Racing) and Joe Montana (Target Chip Ganassi)

Tie Breaker: 1958 is known for being the year that I was born. It was also the year of the first-lap crash in Turn Three that took the life of Pat O’Connor; along with being AJ Foyt’s rookie year. Name all the remaining starters from the 1958 Indianapolis 500 that are still alive today.   AJ Foyt, Chuck Weyant and Paul Goldsmith

10 Responses to “Your 2015 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Answers”

  1. Congratulations Paul!

  2. So George, the big question now is will you make me defend my title next year or accept my offer to help you craft a trivia truly worthy of the 100th Running of the Great Race?

  3. Great job Paul. I’m just an amateur and I struggled a lot. I did have fun though and hopefully I will continue to improve on my knowledge of the 500. Thanks again George for doing the contest. I had a couple wrong I thought were right ( outdated materials/articles) and all my guesses were wrong but I hope to better my score next year.

  4. billytheskink Says:

    Enjoyable contest as always, George. Certainly challenging for those of us who aren’t Donald Davidson or Encylopedia Paul.

    You know you’ve made a challenging trivia contest when people are calling The Talk Of Gasoline Alley and begging for the answers to your questions.

    • Ryan Johnson Says:

      I wouldn’t say I was begging, but that question about the driver/analyst/expert was pretty tough and I knew Donald would know… Plus, I thought it would bring good exposure to George’s blog. I was hoping he was going to ask where he could find the contest, but then we all would have been playing for second place. Also, that Jim McElreath question got brought up in the E Penthouse on Sunday at qualifications and someone finally discovered the answer while searching on their phone.

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