Ramblings On The Upcoming Indianapolis 500

Surely you didn’t think that Race Week would come and go without an episode of One Take Only, did you? This site gets a lot more traffic in May than other months – especially the week leading up to the Indianapolis 500, so there are probably many who have never been exposed to this video phenomenon. If you are strictly a May visitor – once you watch it, you may never come back here again.

For the uninitiated, One Take Only is the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. It is myself and my longtime friend and fellow IndyCar fan John McLallen, sitting and just talking IndyCar and anything else that creeps into our mind. Why the name? It is uncut, unedited and unscripted. We have no outline and no pre-planned topics. We just start the camera and begin talking. What we get is what you see. We do just one take…only.

Those that like these have compared it to two buddies talking in a bar. The many that don’t like these have said…well, I probably shouldn’t repeat what they have said.

In this episode, John and I obviously talk about the upcoming Indianapolis 500, the debacle that was qualifying this past weekend and of course, James Hinchcliffe’s horrifying crash on Monday.

So, if you like these – pour a cup of coffee and relax for about fifteen minutes; sit back and listen. If you don’t, come back tomorrow for another post as the everyday posting in May continues through the race.

George Phillips

15 Responses to “Ramblings On The Upcoming Indianapolis 500”

  1. I will be honest George, I have never watched one of these. I didn’t know you were so southern! Which makes me happy because you aren’t the yuppie Indycar fan that I get bored with! Nice job!

  2. The subject that I was wanting to address was who was in charge of the “oval aero kit program(s)” and why didn’t the kit have sufficient testing at IMS? This is a huge error in planning, in my opinion, and I am not sure that this situation has been rectified.

  3. Question for the experts, while I understand the aero package is suspect at best, Hinchcliffe’s crash was because a suspension piece broke and after half the car’s body was destroyed the car wanted to lift. That really doesn’t have anything to do with the aero package right? Keep up the good work guys!

    • Hal Bush Says:

      The Aero Package has a lot to do with the performance of the car and it could very well be that the suspension has more stress than it could handle. Granted, it is a theory, but the experts have yet to dismiss it.

      • Yes, the heavy downforce they are running with this package may be overtaxing the suspension, especially the right front and left rear.

        And George, I’m glad I’m not the only guy out there man enough to to wear pastel pink! Looks great!

        • Suspension piece that went thru the tub and caused damage was reinforced to handle the additional downforce with the kits. Last year this piece bent and did not go into tub.

          Unintended consequences.

  4. Congrats, George. I think John left you with 4 drivers left in the field after he picked the other 29 drivers to win. BUT, I think you at least get Carlos Huertas. 🙂

    Good work, again, guys.

  5. Good conversation, George, and well played with the toast. That was a great gesture.

  6. I want to tailgate with John. The man chugs during a toast!

  7. Ron Ford Says:

    Have you ever considered career path counseling?

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