Let’s Try This Again

Good morning from a muggy and overcast Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The skies look like they could open up at any minute, but the radar looks good for a while, anyway.

We had another crash this morning. Ed Carpenter lost it in Turn Two, hit the wall hard and flipped, bringing the total of upside down Chevys this week to three. Ed was OK, but was upset afterwards with the whole Chevy aerodynamic situation. At this moment, the Chevy teams are huddling to decide what to do. One announcement has already been made. IndyCar officials have decided to lower the boost back to race level. As you know, I feel like that is a gimmick. I won’t step back up on that soapbox, but suffice it to say – that decision does not upset me.

Carpenter will have to ready his backup car, but that won’t be ready for the primary session. Due to the new rules, if Carpenter cannot make the primary session, he must get into a duel for the final row later in the day with the other bottom two qualifiers. Confused? Don’t worry. many here are too.

Another point of confusion seems to be over whether the two qualified times will stand or not. The release yesterday seemed to indicate they would not, but that defies previous rules here. This morning, the IMS Media Center has the two cars listed on the old-fashioned grid that they build as cars qualify. The two are posted there this morning. Is it symbolic that Hunter-Reay’s time sheet is falling apart?

Qualifying was to begin at 10:00, but it is on hold right now. The official reason being given is to repair the fence where Carpenter hit. But the real reason is probably due to the meeting going on in the IndyCar trailer. There are plenty of rumors about what adjustments the Chevys and even Hondas will have to make just before qualifying. But it seems that Qualifying has been pushed back to 11:30.

As we get official word, I’ll quickly post something on here. For quicker word, updates and pictures throughout the day, follow us on Twitter at @Oilpressureblog and @MrsOilpressure. Check back later.

11 Responses to “Let’s Try This Again”

  1. Megan K Bickel Says:

    Thanks for the update, G! Great summing up of the confusing situation at the moment.

  2. I know this is a serious situation but it bugs me that after 99 tries they are still making it up as they go along out here….

  3. Ed is mad. Well, me too. These cars are too dangerous to drive. Qualifications should be cancelled or at least delayed until they figure out how to keep them on the ground.

    • by “delayed” I meant delayed until later in the week. and also if fans can’t easily understand how you qualify, then you’re doing it wrong.

  4. Michael Andretti is yelling at the officials for the mandated changes to Honda. Kanaan is going off and calling it “Amateur Hour” out here, not good!

  5. Graham Rahal is apologizing to the fans saying “this is a joke.”

  6. Matt B. (Dayton) Says:

    Not the point of this all today, but I too am not disappointed to see the extra boost gimmick go away.

  7. All of the engineers are scrambling to change the gears and the computer
    Mapping for the lower boost….
    Honda is threatening a mutiny….

  8. No Fast Nine, nothing on track until 1:30, according to Boles. Unreal!

  9. Once again, Indycar manages to shoot itself in the foot.

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