The Rain Man Cometh

Qualifying began and a total of two cars qualified when the rains came. Ryan Hunter-Reay is on the provisional pole with a four-lap average speed of 229.845 mph. The No.18 of Carlos Huertas is the only other qualified car at the moment with an average speed of 228.235. Scott Dixon was two laps into his qualifying run when the rain started. Dixon’s first lap was 231.357. His second lap fell off to 225.941, perhaps due to moisture on the track. Once the rain started, it didn’t mess around. It poured. Within a matter of minutes, the track was lost. A reflection on the race track is not what we want to see.

As I type, it is pouring. It takes a while to dry the track once it stops. Right now, track-drying procedures are not taking place. Even if it were to stop raining right this second, I think the earliest that qualifying would resume is 3:30. But it’s still coming down. The way the radar looks right now, I’m not sure we’ll see another car run today, but let’s be optimistic.

The fans are sticking around and taking shelter wherever possible, hoping to see qualifying at some point. As Kevin Lee has said over the radio, from this point forward – the officials will figure out the weekend schedule as we go along. As long as all 34 cars get a chance to present themselves to the line today, that’s all they need to do. The forecast for tomorrow is better. If they don’t run anymore today, it will make for a very full day tomorrow.

Please check back later for future updates.

George Phillips

Update:  At 2:15 EDT, the announcement came that track activity for the remainder of the day had been cancelled. My understanding is that the two qualified cars will have to re-qualify.  Qualifying will resume on Sunday at 10:00. Group One practice is at 8:00. Group Two is at 8:20. There is no guaranteed Green Flag time for practice. That’ll do it for us as well. I’ve been informed that we are to go shopping. I can’t wait. Be sure and check back tomorrow.

5 Responses to “The Rain Man Cometh”

  1. Ballyhoo Says:

    What a shame. ABC is repeating last year’s 500.
    Happy shopping George.

  2. Well, if it is raining I can’t think of too many places to enjoy myself but at the track or near by it.

  3. two rainy day stories.

    had to go to Verizon. while there I asked the clerk if they had any advertisements with racecars in the store? puzzled, she said “no, why?” I explained that Verizon sponsored Indycar. she said, “oh, yeah?” I said yeah, so they should have stuff about racing in the store. She said “oh, yeah” they had a race car in one of the stores, back when they had the race at Circuit of the Americas…(sigh.)

    then I was talking with a co-worker who is originally from Indianapolis and still goes back to visit family. I told him today was Qualifications. He said, “oh, yeah?” Then he started talking about how they shortened the month of May. I replied that it’s nearly the whole month again since they added the GP of Indy. He replied, “oh, they have another race there?” (sigh.)

    • billytheskink Says:

      To be fair to the Verizon clerk, Verizon had an advertising presence at the 2012 and 2013 US Grands Prix at COTA and replaced Vodafone on the sidepods of the McLaren cars.

  4. Yannick Says:

    One day, it had to rain on qualifying weekend under the new format. Having 2 weekends to qualify does make sense because it makes it more likely to get dry weather on one of those days.
    Here’s hoping for better weather.

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