Ending April On A Sour Note

April was a busy month for the Verizon IndyCar Series. Unfortunately it now ends on a sour note.

To the delight of a few and the chagrin of many; another episode of One Take Only is here for your viewing or listening…um, pleasure. For those unfamiliar with One Take Only, this is the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. Why the name? We tape this once. What we get is what we get. It is unscripted and unedited. My friend John McLallen and I just sit and talk racing.

This time, John and I review the race at Barber, Josef Newgarden’s win and Graham Rahal’s strong run and resurgence this season. We also look ahead to the Month of May. It’s too early to make predictions, but we talk about what teams to watch for throughout the month. This was taped last night, just before Trackside, where we learned a couple of things about the Month of May that are now different than what we discuss – like track hours this Sunday at IMS.

If you like these, sit back and listen for roughly fifteen minutes. If you don’t come back Friday as I officially kick off the Month of May.

George Phillips

6 Responses to “Ending April On A Sour Note”

  1. I agree about NBC Sports coverage of this past weekend’s race in Birmingham. They did a great job. On to Indianapolis!

  2. billytheskink Says:

    I always enjoy these.

  3. Do you two wear identical watches? How cute!

    Is Nick Wirth, an F1 guy, designing the Honda oval kits too? If so, I would not be too optimistic.

  4. Reading the title I thought something bad happened.

    I, like you guys have experienced Barber 3 times. Went to the test this year which was really cool. Missed the race this year, and not happy about that but to hear George compare to the IMS experience to Barber is interesting as much as George loves IMS. Who would have thought Barber would turn into this, all on a motorcycle track?! I would recommend Mid Ohio too George ,as I think you mentioned you had never been.

  5. Yannick Says:

    There’s nothing sour about “One Take Only”, Sir. I like the conversational style of the “show”. If it was just one announcer like most of those youtube streams out there, well, that would be kind of boring. And I like the two of you improvising it from scratch: there is way too much “scripted reality” out there already.

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