Fun With Photos From Barber Motorsports Park

Some might wonder why I decided to post our pictures from the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on a Tuesday. The explanation is simple. We wanted to get home Sunday night. It takes time to load photos, especially when your wireless connection comes and goes as it did in the Media Center. As you can tell, we took lots (and lots) of pictures at Barber Motorsports Park. I hated to not post any of them, but we had a three hour drive in front of us – so there you go.

There was the gratuitous Ferris Wheel selfie, along with Susan sneaking a shot of me typing in the Media Center. Then there’s a sign that struck me as funny warning not to grill in the paddock area, which made me wonder if that had been a problem before. While I was tweeting that photo, Susan secretly photographed me tweeting and posted it. Our friend DZ –groundedeffects is apparently a PhotoShop whiz, because it wasn’t long before he posted what he thought I wished the sign said – knowing my hatred of dri-fit polos. That one made me laugh.


You all know what the cars look like, so I didn’t include many of the car shots. I wanted to focus on what really makes this series tick – the people. For whatever reason, Susan has decided that it has become a tradition to have my picture taken with Lauren Kanaan (Tony’s better half). She’s a good sport about it, but I sort of feel like a creepy old man. We chatted with her on the grid just before the race and got to meet their three month old son, Deco.


We strolled the grid and took various shots – and got to stand for the National Anthem just behind Scott and Emma Dixon, just after Susan snapped a great shot of Scott holding his daughter Poppy.


Beforehand, we wandered the paddock and were both glad to see many drivers taking time to chat it up with fans and sign autographs just before the race. Afterwards, we got good shots of Josef Newgarden, his team  and his co-owners celebrating in Victory Lane. Then there was the post-victory selfie that Susan made with the winner. It’s funny because it was her hair that looks like it was drenched with champagne instead of his.


We are certainly not professional photographers and some were even made with our phones, but you can at least get a sense of what we saw and enjoyed. Thanks again to all that followed along this past weekend. We have more in-person race weekends coming up in the very near future.

George Phillips

9 Responses to “Fun With Photos From Barber Motorsports Park”

  1. Ron Ford Says:

    Pictures are always welcome. Thanks.

    I wonder if any of your other readers saw the David Letterman show last night. He did a long segment about Graham Rahal’s performance at Barber complete with some footage of Graham passing Dixon. He then proceeded to give everyone in the house, including himself and the band, a Steak and Shake shake. Awesome publicity brother.

    • billytheskink Says:

      It still amazes me that there is a Steak and Shake right next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway. When I saw that a few weeks back I was floored.

      Indycar is going to miss Letterman’s use of the Late Show to promote the series, especially the fact that he provided practically guaranteed major media interviews for both the 500 winner and series champion every year. Still, it will be nice to see Dave at the races much more often, as it was with Paul Newman.

      • Ron Ford Says:

        I wonder if Dave still has the stealth-souped up Volvo 960 station wagon given to him by Paul Newman? Paul to Dave……”You want one of these?”

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    Does anyone remember the “Up to Speed” segments that Lauren did a few years back. My favorite of those is the interview she did with Dan Wheldon which is on YouTube. Funny stuff as you might expect.

  3. Enjoyed the pics!!! What a day/weekend you and Susan had and thanks for making us a part of it.

  4. Thanks for the coverage of this great race.

  5. Sounds like I missed the race of the year. I planned on being there and it did not work out. I am disappointed I missed it. I played this one up big time for my visiting parents to join me and in the end we did not make it. It turned out 5 hours with a 1 year old and a 3 year old and two seniors would have been too much.

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