The Excess of the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is all about excess. The biggest single-day crowd in the world, one of the oldest sporting facilities and the sprawling grounds all make this one massive event. That’s why when you get and old man and a not-so-young man talking about the Indianapolis 500 – they tend to get excessive as well.

That’s exactly what happened Tuesday night, when Paul Dalbey of and I got together virtually to record another episode of Two Sites Unite. We never use a script or an outline. Maybe we should, because we rambled on for almost 58 minutes. We reviewed Qualifying Weekend and looked ahead to Race Weekend.

The problem is that I usually wear contacts and did not have them in Tuesday night. I could not see the clock and I had no idea we were talking that long. That’s what happens when you are talking about your favorite subject.

In all honesty, I don’t really expect anyone to listen to or watch this all the way through. But it is good content if you do, it’s just a little random. Pour a cup of coffee and give it a listen while you do other stuff. Who knows? Your 58 minutes may pass as quickly as ours did.

George Phillips

4 Responses to “The Excess of the Indianapolis 500”

  1. Mark Wick Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t post this where somebody might see it, but I did watch this all the way to the end, so I guess Paul mentioned me, in a way.
    The whole RLL, Graham, Katherine, Stephan story nobody would ever imagine writing. But I am going to predict that the story that ends the way so many would like, will, and TK’s last lap will be seated on the back of the pace car touring the track as he gives the winner’s interview for the PA system.

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Made it to the end too! Great stuff you all.

    The Coachmen is a running inside joke between me and my father, we stayed at the hotel next to it back when we went to the 2016 race.

    Go Graham!

  3. Bruce B Says:

    I enjoy listening to John McClellan but I gotta admit you did a perfect impersonation of him! Freaking funny AF!!

  4. OliverW Says:

    Why even listen or read the comments posted by morons. Life in 2023 is ruled by the “ tail that wags the dog “ meaning a small minority of loudmouths who bully the majority into complying with there views.. it’s the majority’s fault for bending over so best to just not pay any attention to all these ignorant posters.

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