Setting the Right Pace

By Susan Phillips

Friday and Saturday, I found that keeping up with George’s pace here at Indy is a tall task. It always has been, but now that I’m not near as mobile as I used to be—it’s almost impossible. That’s not his fault. He is naturally a very fast walker and I never have been. I still don’t have my stamina back, and I even went out to the car in the early afternoon and caught about an hour nap.

So we decided it was best that I do my pace and he does his. That way he can get to where he wants to go in a hurry, without me slowing him down—and I don’t feel guilty for making him walk at my pace. It works out well for both of us.

I really enjoyed being on pit lane yesterday for qualifying. In the early session, the yellow shirts were pretty lenient and they allowed me to sit on the pit wall. That was a big help. Late in the afternoon, they tightened things up and made me stand behind the white line in the pits. I didn’t want to play the “cancer card” so I obeyed. But like Friday, I got tired and spent the last hour or so sitting in the stands by myself.

While I was on pit lane, I was able to get a few photos which I’ll share below. This has been a fun weekend, and I think we now know the best way to get through next weekend—each of us going at our own pace.








One Response to “Setting the Right Pace”

  1. Great pictures Susan! Have fun!

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