Life is Short, Get the Llama

By Susan Phillips

Every year I try to do a write up of what is available in the gift shops during the Month of May (and beyond). Two years ago in 2021, when I was finishing up treatment, I really HAD to have the tie-dye stuffed llama that was available that year, because it sure was cute.

We stopped at the Museum/Gift shop on the day after the race and at that point I was too tired to go in and walk around. But I had been seeing a colorful stuffed llama around the track, so I asked George to get me a llama (it was telepathically, but what can I say?). When you ask for something telepathically, that’s pretty much what you are going to get—a whole bunch of air.


I tried the more direct line and dragged us both back into the gift shop and I’m the proud parent of a llama (or three) I got the companion llamas after fabulous hospital visits. They are great to cuddle up with if your dog or your spouse aren’t the cuddling kind. You can also snuggle up to a stuffed Wing and Wheel logo.



This year must be the year of the sloth (and hedgehog and bear and) because I already have my souvenir sloth. He clips around your neck. My favorite souvenir is the giant hat (because now George finally has a hat that fits, but there are also a few pieces that bring a sense of humor—and a bunch of caps…did I say caps? They also have a pretty great nostalgic-designed Igloo Cooler. The die-cast cars are still coming in—am looking forward to/dreading buying my last Tony Kansan die-cast. They always make great gifts.












4 Responses to “Life is Short, Get the Llama”

  1. The llama is a quadruped,

  2. billytheskink Says:

    My wife and I have a split opinion on the stuffed Firechicken (and the Firechicken in general). She won. We brought my kid home a t-shirt from Texas instead.

  3. I too may have to buy TK’s final die cast.

  4. Thank you I love these posts, I don’t get to the Speedway often so I love seeing what is there each year. The llama is awesome!

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