Good Afternoon from IMS

Good afternoon from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the GMR Grand Prix. We got a late start this morning. Susan had packed up her “pill box” last night, and was convinced it was in her purse. Magically, it wasn’t there when she checked this morning. Long story short, we looked for said pill box for almost 45 minutes, since it is important she gets her cocktail of medications throughout the weekend. She finally said “Oh, well I’ll just fill up a bottle real quickly and then we’ll go.”. Had I known that was an option, I would have suggested it.

The plan was to get away at 5:30 this morning. It was 6:40 when we finally backed out of the driveway. But I was intent on following the plan. After losing an hour to the time change, we arrived at The Workingman’s Friend for lunch.

When you rave about something by saying something along the lines of “…best burger ever”. You feel like when you take someone there, their expectations will be way more than reality. Fortunately, Susan agreed with me. I said I would get a photo of the inside of the place, after I ate there in April. here it is with Susan in the foreground.


We arrived at the track in the middle of Practice Two, but we had to first go to the Admin Building to pick up Susan’s credentials. By the time we got parked and got into the Media Center, the second practice was over. We missed them both, but man…it was a great burger!

I did see that Alex Palou led Practice Two, after Pato O’Ward paced Practice One. I also saw that Christian Lundgaard was second quick in both sessions and Jack Harvey was fifth in both sessions. My pick to win this weekend, Romain Grosjean, was sixteenth and nineteenth. ouch!

Qualifying begins at 4:00 EDT, so we are going to go down to the pits for that session. I’ll return here to wrap up our relatively short day after Qualifying. Please check back later.

George Phillips

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