Ramblings on the Month of May

If Tuesday’s episode of One Take Only wasn’t your thing, perhaps you might prefer this episode of Two Sites Unite – the joint-effort between Oilpressure.com and Paul Dalbey from Fieldof33.com. John McLallen and I take a more casual approach to talking about racing and the Month of May, but we also tend to get off on tangents. Paul and I tend to dig deeper into racing subjects – some say too deep – although we can still go off on a tangent or two.

Paul and I get into discussing our weekend at Texas, but we also look ahead to the Month of May, and how Paul looks at the GMR Grand Prix with a little more disdain than I do. We also discuss what a Month of May would look like without the Grand Prix.

We make our picks for the Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500, and strangely enough – we both agree on the winner of the 500. These tend to run longer than One Take Only, and this is no exception. This episode of Two Sites Unite runs about 45 minutes. If you like it come back two weeks from today, when we will know the results of Qualifying Weekend, and we will focus on the Indianapolis 500, which will be only a few days away. If you don’t like today’s episode – you’ve been warned.

George Phillips

One Response to “Ramblings on the Month of May”

  1. billytheskink Says:

    Citrus Cooler is the best Gatorade, and the Gatorade McLaren is the best-looking car Johnny Rutherford ever drove. I stand firm by both of these controversial opinions.

    Great discussion you two.

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