Good Morning from St. Louis!

Good morning (barely) from Worldwide Technology Raceway. By the time I checked into my hotel, checked in for my parking pass and got situated in the media center, it is less than ten minutes before the first IndyCar practice – so I’ll be brief.

It’s a beautiful day here – clear skies and 84-degrees. There aren’t too many people here, but it is a Friday morning.

I have already had one disaster. When I got my computer out of the bag, I realized the charging cord was not in there. Fortunately, I have a full charge but I will be operating in power conservation mode. I may have to type out everything on my iPad and then e-mail the post to myself. Modern Technology!

Anyway, it’s now less than five minutes to practice. I will try to come back and post before qualifying at 3:15 pm CDT. Please check back later.

George Phillips

One Response to “Good Morning from St. Louis!”

  1. Good afternoon.
    I hope that you have a checklist of items to take to race venues.
    Have a good day.

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