Waiting Out the Rain

It is a little after 3:00 pm Saturday as I start to type. Normally by now, I would be out in the pits watching the teams as they make last-minute preparations for knockout qualifying. Instead, I am sitting in the cool and dry media center, as all track activity is on an indefinite hold.

Just before the rains came, I was lucky enough to meet one of the long-time readers and commenters of this site. Trevor Gardiner and his friends came over from the UK just for this race. We met up behind Grandstand 6.

I have paused about an hour after typing that paragraph. The downpour has passed, but there are still lightning strikes within the prescribed radius. Every time there is lightning in the area, Race Control resets the clock to at least another thirty minutes. As of 4:05 pm CDT, we have been told that the earliest qualifying can start is 4:50 pm. Amore recent PA announcement says that qualifying could commence as early as between 5:00 and 5:15.

In the meantime, I will post a couple of photos I took of the infield concessions area, about thirty minutes before the rains came.



Hopefully, we can get things rolling, because there was a very good crowd today. I’m sure some have left, but I am hoping that a large majority of fans took sheltered and waited things out. Please check back later.

George Phillips

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