It’s Time for Some Virtual Bench-Racing

If watching John McLallen and myself going through our silliness on One Take Only” a couple of weeks ago wasn’t enough to sour your month of May; I got together with fellow blogger Paul Dalbey ( virtually this week to discuss Qualifying and to look ahead to Sunday’s 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500.

We saw Paul for most of last weekend’s Qualifying, but we thought we’d reflect on the weekend for a couple of days to see if our opinions had changed.

We discuss the strangeness of the weekend, our thoughts on the new qualifying format and of course – Scott Dixon’s incredible run for the pole. We also give our thoughts on who we think will win this weekend, who might trip up and who could be a dark horse. I also take advantage of John McLallen’s absence to blame him for some wrong information.

So pour a cup of coffee (or two) and settle in for thirty-seven minutes of some serious bench-racing.

George Phillips

2 Responses to “It’s Time for Some Virtual Bench-Racing”

  1. Paul has a point about the semantics of fastest pole speed. It’s like MLB combining playoff and World series records. Not cool

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Always a pleasure to hear y’all bench race.

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