Sour Milk for the Month of May

When John McLallen and I did a reboot of One Take Only last month, you probably were hoping it was a one-time reunion thing and that would be it. You were probably hoping that I would not stoop so low as to include our video blog into the May content of this site. If so, you are not so lucky.

If you just discovered this site a couple of years ago, you may have no idea what One Take Only is – and you’re better off for it. John is one of the few die-hard IndyCar fans that live in Nashville. We have known each other for about fifteen years and have been co-workers most of that time. The name comes from the fact that we do this in only one take. We start the camera rolling and we just sit and talk about racing. It is unscripted and unrehearsed (can’t you tell?). Some liken it to a couple of guys sitting in a sports bar chatting it up. Others liken it to nails on a chalk board.

John and I got together over the weekend to record our forty-fourth episode, since 2011. It was unseasonably chilly, and we were in between thunderstorms – but we got it in. We talked briefly about the season so far, but spend most of our time talking about the Month of May and the upcoming Indianapolis 500.

So pour a cup of coffee and spend your morning listening to some foolishness from a couple of old fools doing some bench-racing. What else do you have to do?

George Phillips

7 Responses to “Sour Milk for the Month of May”

  1. billytheskink Says:

    See, I look forward to OTO as much as I look forward to Trackside. Sorry Curt and Kevin…

  2. Hilarious episode! Thanks, John for the Al Green’s shoutout. Loved that place.

    • You got it! Al Green’s was an inviting and magical place. Every night we would drive by they had movies playing in the parking lot and I could imagine everyone eating a tenderloin sandwich with fries z as is a coke. We did that a few times and it was always fun.

  3. Yannick Says:

    You guys have made me really hungry right now!
    Thanks a lot for another episode. I hope you weren’t soaked after recording in the rain.
    Don’t underestimate Herta and Newgarden.

  4. Bruce B Says:

    George, I think these are better than you give them credit. I know it is all in good fun but you and John have a rapport that is similar to the odd couple guys. I think you should have John on more regularly. Maybe even add him to your payroll!! ; )

  5. Mark Wick Says:

    John sure took me for a stroll down memory lane in this one. I hadn’t known he was from Indianapolis. I never lived in Indianapolis until my last year in Indiana, but I grew up in Lafayette, covered the 500 for the first time in 1972 while a student at I.U., and spent a lot of time in Indy in the month of May. My second wedding dinner was at Holly Hock Hill, and I ate there many times.

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