Welcome to Barber Motorsports Park!

Good morning from beautiful Barber Motorsports Park! Susan and I actually drove down last night. We’ve known for a week or so, that Sunday was sold out here. I saw this morning that Saturday has sold out as well.

We got on the grounds at 9:00 this morning, and the line to get through the gates was longer than I have ever seen on a Friday.


The weather could have something to do with that. It is sunny and absolutely perfect!. I also think that being the first year without COVID, since 2019 has something to do with it. After this race was cancelled in 2020, they were still following 2020 COVID protocol here for 2021, with a limit on fans. There are no restrictions this year and the fans seem to appreciate it.

One thing I really like about Barber is that there is non-stop track activity. Since 8:00 am, there has been a variety of series on-track. Already, we’ve had the Radical Cup Series (one of my favorites to watch) and Indy Pro 2000. As I type, the Radical Cup cars are on-track for qualifying.

We are going to go roam the IndyCar paddock, then go see some friends at Honda Hospitality. The lone IndyCar practice of the day starts at 3:00 pm CDT and will air live on Peacock.

I’ll be back to post later in the day. As usual, you can follow us on Twitter for photos and videos. You may follow me at @Oilpressure, and Susan at @MrsOilpressure. Please check back later.

George Phillips

One Response to “Welcome to Barber Motorsports Park!”

  1. “…the first year without COVID…”
    locally, we have seen the same thing.

    any and all outdoor events are crowded
    or sold out. last weekend, the one we attended,
    ran out of any kind of parking by 11AM. people parked
    in private driveways which we saw on our way out.

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