So Glad I Came

I think George has made no secret of the fact that this has not been my favorite IndyCar race. Street courses have their own special something, but I don’t get it–yet. I think if I go to this race another time and the Nashville Race, my tune will change. I hope next time I go to a street circuit I will be closer to 100 percent health-wise. The walking has been difficult—I’m terribly out of shape and chemo has really messed with my thermostat—I’m either profoundly hot or freezing cold. They say time heals, so we will see.

We decided to go to this race sort of last-minute—a great chance to get away from the gloom that is the end of winter in Tennessee. Of course, I have never set foot on sand this trip, but we will have a vacation later in the year. We also decided it would be a great opportunity to escape medical procedures and it wouldn’t feel so bad if we were in a place with palm trees while waiting for test results hang over us. We got good news that my pancreatic cancer has not metastasized and shows no activity—so I’m in remission. I did get the news that I have some rare autoimmune disease that is similar to leukemia, but far less deadly.

It was great to take my mind off things and take some photos and just be at the track again. There are some familiar faces in my photos—Gracie Norton (@gracie_norton on Instagram), who is Jack Harvey’s girlfriend and Nicole Westra (@nic_wes on Instagram), who is Dalton Kellet’s fiancée. I like to follow a lot of the girlfriends and wives on Instagram—a lot of times you get a whole new view of the drivers in a more relaxed atmosphere and PR is generally not involved. Enjoy the photos! I know I did.

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6 Responses to “So Glad I Came”

  1. Maurice. Kessler Says:

    I am so glad to hear your health is better. You certainly have taken some outstanding up close photos of drivers.

  2. Talon De Brea Says:

    Nice winter getaway! Glad you two are there and sharing your impressions. What’s your favorite livery? Your favorite part of the temporary course? Your favorite concession stand?

  3. Thanks for taking photos of the wives, girlfriends, women of IndyCar . As a guy when ever I tried to take photos of women at a race track I would get a snake eye look like who is this creep .

  4. Denise Weltzin Says:

    So glad to hear your positive health news Susan! Have a great Race Day & thanks for the great pictures!

  5. nice photos, Susan. glad for the good news and Georges reporting from the track.

  6. northeastvista Says:

    So glad the news from your tests was good. Keep fighting. Thanx for the very professional photos. Stay Safe!

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