A Bad Way to Start the Weekend

Not that anyone really cares, but three years ago, this site started a joint-venture with another IndyCar site, Field of 33, which is run by my good friend Paul Dalbey. We called it Two Sites Unite. While it doesn’t have quite the humor that the old video series from this site, One Take Only with my longtime friend John McLallen had – there is a lot more meat and hard-core racing discussed on Two Sites Unite. There is also a lot more time involved. We get to talking and can’t shut up. We dusted off our video cameras a couple of nights ago and recorded another episode.

Paul and I first met in the IMS Media Center in May of 2010, when he was with the now-defunct Planet IRL. Despite the disparity in our ages (he was 29 and I was 51), we struck up an immediate friendship. Do the math and you’ll conclude that Paul is now 41, and I am 63 – ouch! We’ve both attended each other’s weddings and have visited each others homes. Not only did we have a lifelong love of the Indianapolis 500, we both had an eye for detail – sometimes arguing about the difference in the angle of the rear-wing mount between a 1991 Lola and a Penske PC-20, a trait that drive our wives crazy.

Just because we are good friends does not mean we agree on everything, in fact – quite the opposite. In this episode, we discuss last weekend’s Rolex 24 and Paul’s loathing of class racing. We also look ahead to the upcoming NTT IndyCar Series season and give our opinions on who we each think will improve, and who will take a step back in 2022. We also map out our own tentative schedules on races we may attend in person.

This episode is about forty-five minutes, so treat it as a video podcast and listen to it while you are driving, doing things around the house or trying to look busy at work on a Friday morning. We won’t rival the Rossi and Hinchcliffe podcast, but I don’t think it’ll be a total waste of your time either.

George Phillips

One Response to “A Bad Way to Start the Weekend”

  1. billytheskink Says:

    Always a fun time listening to y’all.

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