Good Morning From Fast Friday


As I start typing, it is still morning – about five minutes before noon and the start of Fast Friday practice. It is already hot here. My car said 82-degrees as I was arriving at the track from my uneventful drive up from Nashville.

That will hold the speeds down some. It should also cause a slippery track as we go through the afternoon. That should create some interesting moments, especially for those still trying to find speed.

As I type, practice has started and Sage Karam was the first to take to the track. He and his Dreyer & Reinbold team have been having a surprisingly fast month, since their entry was in question just a few months ago.

Right now, Karam is the only car on track. But that’s enough to make me stop typing and get out to watch race cars outside. Now Conor Daly is on the track, and he has already gone over the 230 mph barrier – with a speed of 230.200 mph.

I may or may not post something here mid-afternoon. But I will definitely be back here after practice late this afternoon for a wrap-up of the day. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at @Oilpressureblog for comments, photos and videos.

Please check back later.

George Phillips

One Response to “Good Morning From Fast Friday”

  1. Jeff P. Says:

    Living vicariously through you today George! Enjoy!

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