Welcome to Indianapolis Motor Speedway

It took nearly two years, but we are finally at my favorite place in the world – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We have been here for a while and got to witness the first two rounds of qualifying for the GMR Grand Prix. The Firestone Fast Six is underway as I type.

I did have to snap this photo when we got here. It is so good to be back here, that I will probably be posting a lot of familiar shots.


Unfortunately, I encountered technical difficulties as soon as we got here. My “blooging” laptop is a relic that I bought in Feb 2016. Since we were here two years ago, they upgraded the WiFi in the media center and it was not showing up in my wireless selections. It turns out my computer is so old that it is incompatible with the latest form of WiFi.

I was panic stricken, but they sent for the IMS IT department and they have loaned ne a wireless adapter that I can use for the Month of May. That’s what I call customer service!

We’ve not had much time to inspect the grounds. When qualifying is over, we are going to the garage area to roam around.

As I typed that, Romain Grosjean just captured the pole for Saturday’s Grand Pix. It was an emotional Grosjean that climbed out of the car, considering the fiery crash he encountered the last time he was in a Formula One car back in November.


Josef Newgarden will start alongside Grosjean on the front row, in one of the best looking new liveries I’ve seen in a while. The Snap-On car really looks good. Jack Harvey and Alex Palou make up Row Two, while Scott McLaughlin and Conor Daly rounded out the Fast Six. Five different teams make up the Fast Six. Tomorrow should be interesting, but I would keep my eye on Jack Harvey. He knows this course very well and he is hungry.

That will do it for us today, but tomorrow we will be here early in the day for a full day of track activity before the GMR Grand Prix starts at 2:30 pm EDT. Hopefully, I hope I’m done with my technical difficulties for the weekend. Something tells me there may be a new laptop in my future sometime next week.

George Phillips

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