A Shameless Plug For Oilpressure

I’ll freely admit that I had no topic prepared for today. At work, we are preparing to bring our employees back in from working at home next week; and I’ve been extremely busy at work and even at home at night with this – to the point where I had no time to even think about coming up with anything to write about – except for this, a shameless plug.

I’ve been very lucky during the life of this website. For whatever reason, I’ve been invited to take part in various podcasts and radio broadcasts, including the years that Trackside held their annual “Blogger Night”. I guess I’ve fooled enough people over the years that they think I either know what I’m talking about, or that I’m interesting. Neither is the case.

Tomorrow (Saturday May 9), I will be a guest on Milwaukee’s SportsRadio 105.7-FM The Fan. Many of you know or know of Steve Zautke, who hosts a weekly racing-related talk show known as The Final Inspection on this station. This will be my third time on the show, once last September and again in November.

My first appearance, I directly followed David Hobbs. Talk about a hard act to follow! After hearing his British humor, Steve’s Wisconsin listeners were subjected to my southern drawl as I spewed my opinions that few probably even cared about. But I guess I didn’t totally embarrass myself, since I was asked back a couple of months later.

I can promise you, this is the only time I’ll ever be asked to be a guest on a motorsports radio broadcast in the Month of May. Had this been a normal May, there would be way too much to talk about in the first racing weekend of the month. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway would be opening for three weeks in a row today; and that’s much more important than having an over-aged lowly blogger from Nashville hog the airwaves. I know my place in life and understand that. I’m just grateful to still be asked, after all these years of blogging.

When I listen to my regular local sports talk show here in Nashville (104.5 The Zone), I always wondered if the guests were prepped or even fed the questions ahead of time. Mainly because the guests do such a good job. I’m assuming they work like Steve’s station, meaning they don’t prep the guests at all – at least not the lowly bloggers. The two times I have been on there, I had no idea where the line of questioning was going. A couple of times, it showed.

I’m a little slow-witted. I don’t think on my feet all that well. When asked something beyond a yes-or-no question, I usually need a moment or two to process my answer before speaking. That’s why I normally write, and not speak. Out of awkwardness, I’ll usually fill the empty space with a lot of “ums” before I finally speak my answer. That doesn’t make for great radio. You’d think that by taking the extra time, I would come up with better answers than I do.

But I must do OK, or I wouldn’t continue to be invited back. Either that, or Steve needs some comic relief on his show.

With the IndyCar iRacing season now mercifully over, what else do you have to do on a Saturday afternoon, with no sports to watch? I don’t know about where you are, but it’s supposed to be very cold in Nashville this weekend – so that knocks out most outdoor projects.

So give it a listen. I’ll be on Saturday at 1:05 pm CDT. You can listen live here. When you pull up the site, just let the ad video at the very first continue playing. It should then lead right into the live broadcast. If not, the player goes across the bottom of the page. Just click play in the center. Who knows? If I mess up terribly, it may end up being the funniest thing you’ll hear all weekend.

George Phillips

7 Responses to “A Shameless Plug For Oilpressure”

  1. Trevor Gardiner Says:

    Booo! “This site isn’t currently available in the EU” Dang…

  2. You’ll do fine, George. looking forward to it.

  3. billytheskink Says:

    This has been today’s installment of the “George Phillips Modesty Hour”. Tune in Saturday for more!

  4. Mark Wick Says:

    George, I though you would write about the confirmation of the intention to run the race at Texas next month. While I still have considerable doubt that race will happen, if it does, that will extend TK’s consecutive starts streak, something not expected to happen this year.
    With the jumbled, unsettled schedule in IndyCar and all other series this year, I am wondering who will actually race when, particularly in instances like the #14 car with three assigned drivers.
    There is a topic for you to write about.
    Have a good time on the radio tomorrow. Relax and enjoy yourself.

  5. You will do well, George. Relax and have fun.

  6. Bruce B Says:

    Don’t underestimate yourself George! Everyone comes to this site because we enjoy your insight and coverage of IndyCar racing. You are a rock star!!! 🌟

  7. Yannick Says:

    Enjoy the show everybody. While we’re talking shows, here’s hoping that John, your co-host of One Take Only, is doing alright during these strange times. I’m asking because we haven’t heard from him in a while due to his interests having shifted away from IndyCars. But his contributions to your first video blog series were a lot of fun to watch. So thanks again.

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