A Lot to be Thankful For

Today marks the beginning of my annual Thanksgiving break from here, although it won’t be that long – only one week. Susan and I, along with my daughter, will be making the usual trek to the home I grew up in – to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my mother. She is now 95, but she is still preparing all the side dishes. Susan will cook the turkey and I will be there, well…to eat.

There is so much to be thankful for this year – both personally and from an IndyCar fan’s perspective. I’m grateful to have another holiday season with my mother. She is in remarkably good health, both physically and mentally. She still gets up early to read each article I post, and then e-mails me the corrections by the time I get to work. She continues to drive and still goes to an exercise class three times a week. I am very thankful we still get to spend holidays in the home I spent my childhood in, from the age of five.

I’m also thankful that even at our ripe old ages, Susan and I are still in excellent health. That’s somewhat remarkable in itself, because neither of us exercise nor watch our diets. A couple of people e-mailed me asking for my…um, colonoscopy results from a couple of weeks ago. In case you were wondering, everything came out fine, so I’m good for another five years.

From an IndyCar fan’s viewpoint, I’m extremely grateful that we got through the 2019 season with no serious injuries. The worst thing that happened was that after the season ended, a few IndyCar regulars were told that their rides were going to someone else. While that’s unfortunate for them, if that’s the worst thing that happened this season – that speaks well for the season we just had.

Of course, we should all be thankful that Roger Penske recently stepped up to buy the NTT IndyCar Series as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Everything seems to have a much brighter outlook for the next several years. I’m very thankful for that.

Since I never want to be sitting behind a keyboard over Thanksgiving, I will be taking off from here, this Friday Nov 30 and also Monday Dec 2. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be pushing away from racing and relaxing. In fact, quite the contrary. Susan and I will be returning to Nashville on Friday afternoon, so that we can get up early on Saturday morning and drive to Indianapolis.

The Titans are playing the Colts up there this Sunday. Quite honestly, when I saw that the game was being played on Dec 1, it never dawned on me that it was Thanksgiving weekend. I thought it would be the following weekend. Had I known that, I probably would not have bought the tickets. But I did, so we are going. We will make our usual pilgrimage to IMS on Saturday afternoon, and do some Christmas shopping at the gift shop. We also plan to have dinner at Dawson’s on Saturday night. I’m already trying to decide between their delicious tenderloin or their weekend prime rib special. I have an idea the tenderloin will win out, but we’ll see. Since the game will not be over until after 4:00 local time on Sunday, and we will have to drive back home Sunday night – there will be no post here on Monday. I will return here on Wednesday Dec 4.

Hopefully, the Titans will play like they did this past Sunday than they did last year in Indianapolis. Susan and I made our first trip to Lucas Oil Stadium last November and the game was over before halftime. The Colts won 38-10, and it wasn’t that close. If anyone is there this Sunday, please look for us and stop to say Hi.

I am also thankful for all of the loyal readers that have been coming here over the years – some of them since the very beginning, over ten years ago. The numbers keep growing, probably not so much because the content is so good here – it’s just because so many of the other bloggers are now gone and few have replaced them. But still, I’ll take the growing numbers however I get them and I’m very thankful that people still come here. If they didn’t, I’d have no reason to keep doing this – so thanks to you all.

Susan and I want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you the happiest of Thanksgiving weekends, and we also hope that everyone stays safe during their holiday travels. Please come back here on Wed Dec 4.

Go Titans!

George Phillips

10 Responses to “A Lot to be Thankful For”

  1. I’m always thankful for IndyCar bloggers who post multiple times a week and occasionally hollers at youngin’s on his lawn. 🙂 Also thankful that last month I finally got out of the job that was killing me and found a new place where I think I’ll be much happier. It’s only 20 minutes from IMS too, so in May I should be able to head down after work to catch some practice!

    Make sure to tour the From the Vault collection at the museum. And though it may get me voted off of oilpressure, I say go for the prime rib! I bet Dawson’s has amazing prime rib, made my mouth water just thinking about it.

    It’s going to be moist and cold up here this weekend, dress appropriately.

    • billytheskink Says:

      Congrats on the new job!

      And a very happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m quite thankful for this blog and its commenters, this is the best Indycar discussion I get.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving George and Susan.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the Oilpressure family. My vote always goes to the tenderloin. And IMS. And the Colts!

  4. Leslie Bissell Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to George and the whole family!

  5. Back atcha blogger dude and dudette. Of course all of here wish your remarkable mother continued good health. The least you can do George is help with the dishes.

  6. Thank you George for your blog and insight! Enjoy the week of family, food and football!!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  8. My thanks and a Happy Thanksgiving to the Nashville Phillipses for keeping things going here, and to the commenters here for continuing the discussion. And I’ll be even more thankful on Monday, if Derrick Henry goes nuts on the Colts like he did on the Jags last week (thereby carrying my fantasy football team one win closer to my first appearance in the playoffs in nearly a decade).

  9. I thank you for blogging.

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