Pace Car Morning

By Susan Phillips

I have to say that going into this morning, I was not sure what I really thought of Pocono Raceway. It’s personality had not become evident to me. The shortened track activity was probably a factor and the fact that there was no qualifying definitely added to my puzzlement about why George and other people love it here. It didn’t help that Kanaan had a fast car yesterday and I would have liked to see him get a P1 Award and not have to carve his way through the field—something he does exceptionally well, but starting from the front would have been optimal. My son doesn’t text me much, but I sure heard about that one.



This morning we got to do one of the “perks” of being in media—a pace car ride. There are other ways to get a pace car ride–you can join IndyCar Nation and sign up here—you might get chosen. We’ve met several fans from IndyCar Nation in the Pace Car line. You could also do a 2-seater through IndyCar Nation or go here and buy a two-seater experience. They fill up early in the year for experiences on race weekends—I also think IndyCar Nation offers a discount for it’s members. I may do a two-seater if my wallet allows next year—it is definitely an experience worth repeating. Then if you are lucky, Frank will strap you into the two-seater and off you go (make sure you ask him if he has any Depends to go with the fire suit).


This morning we arrived at a “normal” hour for our ride—9:15, but if they said it was going to be at 2 am—we would be there! We got to ride in Camaros for this experience and each rider was paired with a driver. I was lucky, I got Gail Truess, who is awesome. She explains how fast we are going (triple-digits) and some of the interesting things about the track and what some of the drivers have said about the track and racing. The smile on George’s face as finished his ride says it all.

pace car





Whatever you do, don’t stick your camera up in front of your face so you can record the experience. You won’t get the entire experience if you are viewing it through your phone. The recording will never give you the same feeling as the memory of being in the moment. Thanks again to Chevy, who provided us with this great way to experience the track.

I’m warming up to Pocono.

4 Responses to “Pace Car Morning”

  1. JP500 in Colorado Springs Says:

    Hey George! Two words: SUN GLASSES! The squinting not your best look!

  2. Someday I will get up my nerve!

  3. George in the L.L. Bean Lakewashed Jeans perhaps.

  4. Awesome! I hope to do one of these some day, probably next year at Road America.

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