Welcome to Pocono Raceway!

Welcome to an unusually warm and humid Pocono Raceway. It was actually sprinkling a few raindrops when we left our hotel this morning. I didn’t really think much about it. By the time we got settled at the track, it was time for the 9:30 am practice. Just as we were heading out to catch practice, we were told there would be a slight delay because the med-evac helicopter was not able to land due to the low ceiling – even though the sun was shining directly overhead.

A slight delay turned into an extended delay as darker clouds moved in over the track. At 10:15, IndyCar told the teams to take their equipment back to the paddock. As I type this, I’ve heard no word on a revised schedule, but I can’t imagine qualifying taking place without a wheel being turned in practice.

This is just a guess on my part, but I imagine practice will take place during the block allotted for qualifying and that the qualifying order will be set by points, but again – that is just speculation on my part.

It’s a shame the weather is becoming a factor. I think this weekend’s attendance is very important in determining the future of this event; if the fate hasn’t been decided already. The good news is that the crowd here before the practice that didn’t happen seemed much bigger than the last time I was here in 2017.

As I continue to type, I see darker skies out the window and I’ve heard my first rumble of thunder. And now here comes the rain. In fact, this shower has those big heavy drops that almost hurt when they hit you. I’m glad I’m currently inside. There was a sprint car out on track for some reason when the rains came, and he got stranded. They showed it on the monitors here in the Media Center and I grabbed a picture of it. You can see that they’ve definitely lost the track. No comment on the name of the car.

Mr. Beef

At least in the forty-five minutes we were out there, Susan was able to get some good shots of drivers in the pits. Enjoy her photos, and check back later for revisions in today’s schedule.








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3 Responses to “Welcome to Pocono Raceway!”

  1. Thanks for the photos and the update. Have fun!

  2. Thanx for the great photos!

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