The Long-Awaited Return of “Two Sites Unite”

The last time that Paul Dalbey ( and I did a "Two Sites Unite" video together, we were both actually together at IMS immediately following qualifying for the Indianapolis 500. Two and a half months later we’re back; albeit via Skype. That’s way too long, and a lot has happened since then.

We actually recorded one of these about two or three weeks ago, but there were some Wi-Fi issues that caused freeze-ups and audio problems. In my opinion, it was unwatchable – so I trashed it. But we recorded this episode just this past Wednesday night, and it came out a lot better.

In this episode, we briefly review the racing in July and discuss the overall championship. We also give a preview to next week’s race at Pocono, which we will both be attending along with our wives. But we also discuss last week’s announcement that the NTT IndyCar Series will be introducing hybrid-technology for the 2022 season.

We’ve gotten more concise than earlier episodes last spring. Some of those went more than fifty minutes. This one came in at around thirty-seven minutes. That’s still a little long, but we’re getting better. For those that have asked, “One Take Only” is not dead. My cohort, John McLallen, has been hinting at retirement; but I’m trying to coax him out of it. The problem is that he is too wrapped up with Cubs baseball these days and has not been focused on IndyCar for much of this season. I’m trying to change that as well.

Anyway, Paul and I had a lively discussion Wednesday night. Pour a cup of coffee and give us a listen.

George Phillips

5 Responses to “The Long-Awaited Return of “Two Sites Unite””

  1. Turn 4 at Mid-Ohio is a right hander at the end of the back stretch. Easy to think that’s turn 3 but turn 3 is the kink on the back stretch just before the alternate starting line.

    Is that a DJI Phantom drone in the background?

  2. John is definitely missing out on something. This has been a great season so far.

    I have hardly had a look at the other site of Two Sites Unite. Thanks for the reminder to bookmark Paul’s page, too.

  3. The long awaited debut of the movie “The Art of Racing In The Rain” based on the best selling novel of the same name, begins this week at theatres near you. I have seen the movie and it was worth the wait. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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