No Post Today, Come Back Tuesday

One of the best things about being a lowly blogger is that I am my own boss. I make my own deadlines and schedules. It’s rare that I call in sick or just decide to wait a day. But today is one of those days.

The plan was to post my recap after Sunday’s race, meet my brother for dinner and then write my Random Thoughts at the hotel, while watching the race replayed here locally.

But I knew while writing my recap at the track, that wasn’t going to happen. The lack of sleep and the enormity of the day caught up with me and I could tell I was about to crash. We went to dinner at Sarah Fisher’s 1911 Grill, and went straight to the hotel. We turned on the replay just as Tony George gave the command to start engines. I barely remember the first yellow on Lap Six.

Rather than drag this out anymore, I’ll have my Random Thoughts posted here Tuesday morning. Enjoy your Memorial Day and please check back tomorrow.

George Phillips

One Response to “No Post Today, Come Back Tuesday”

  1. Speedsport Says:

    What happened during the Legends running the racers that required stoppage of the event on Saturday? Hope everybody was OK!

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