Pagenaud on Pole; Alonso Goes Home

This will be brief because we are late getting out of here and have a long drive back. Simon Pagenaud winning the pole with a four-lap average of 229.992 mph, is overshadowed by Fernando Alonso and McLaren being bumped out by tiny and underfunded Kyle Kaiser and Juncos Racing.

This was 1995 all over again, when Marlboro Team Penske inexplicably failed to qualify either of their cars.

While many have speculated that McLaren might try to buy a qualified car from another team, Gil de Ferran has said that would not happen, because they want to earn their way in.

Also overshadowed is James Hinchcliffe earning his way into the field, after being in a frightening crash yesterday. Sage Karam was the fastest of the Last Row qualifiers. Those that failed to qualify were Alonso, Max Chilton and Patricio O’Ward.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll have my usual Rando Thoughts on Indianapolis 500 Qualifying. Thanks for following along all weekend. Now we get to hit the road.

George Phillips

2 Responses to “Pagenaud on Pole; Alonso Goes Home”

  1. billytheskink Says:

    Fortunately for Alonso’s reputation, McLaren will likely shoulder more of the blame for today’s disaster than he will. That may well be fair too, given how much of a mess everything looked over there this month. Miserable day for Trevor Carlin as well, all three bumped cars were connected to him. Makes Charlie Kimball’s run look tremendous.

    Does this sink McLaren’s designs on a full-time IndyCar team?

  2. Carburetor Says:

    IMS can be a cruel mistress. She especially does not take kindly to arrogance and disrespect, such as “…it’s only four identical corners; how difficult can it be?” Obviously, too difficult for some teams….
    Perhaps they can get it figured out in another year…or two…or not.

    Thanks George and Susan for all of the posts and letting us who did not get to the track, to be able to live vicariously through your updates!

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