It’s a Holding Pattern at IMS

Shortly after my last post, it was obvious that the yellow flag was staying out for sometime. Then track-drying got underway and we were teased with thinking we might resume shortly. But then it all went terribly wrong, when the bottom fell out and they lost the track.

At 2:30 as I type, things are starting to brighten and the radar is looking promising. They are now talking about getting the Last Row Shootout underway around 4:30.

Please keep checking back.

George Phillips

2 Responses to “It’s a Holding Pattern at IMS”

  1. Looks sketchy on the weather I see a gap ( Window ) but see a nasty line of storms heading east over Illinois . The dryers better be refueled on ready to go . I will check back later

  2. colum1357 Says:

    Time to go. Please don’t screw up this window by hemming and hawing around, Indycar.

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