A Good Way to Waste Some Time

With the Month of May quickly approaching I thought it would be a good time to catch up with my good friend, Paul Dalbey of Fieldof33.com, and record the second episode of Two Sites Unite – the videoblog that is shared between our two sites. If you were able to make it through our inaugural installment a couple of months ago, you know we went way too long. This time we made a concerted effort to shorten it up quite a bit. The result? We ended up going about two minutes longer than last time, so fair warning.

Still, we were able to cover a lot of ground. We discussed the first four races of the season, which included the good and the bad. We also touched on how Team Penske has not been quite themselves this season.

We then looked ahead to the Month of May, starting with a discussion about the Open Test last Wednesday. We also looked ahead to the IndyCar Grand Prix and the 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500 in less than a month, along with some way-too-early picks. We then both discussed what you can expect to see on our respective sites.

I don’t think we will be up for any Emmys with this episode, and I doubt that we will be giving Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee a run for their money on Trackside. But with the NTT IndyCar Series in the midst of a small hiatus, I think we held a pretty good discussion on IndyCar racing, that will keep you entertained on a Monday morning. So if you’re at work, listen to us as you do whatever it is you do at work. If you’re at home, waste a little down time with us. What have you got to lose? It’s almost the Month of May.

George Phillips

Reminder:  Starting Wednesday May 1, Oilpressure.com will have daily weekday posts along with weekend posts from IMS, throughout the Month of May until just after the Indianapolis 500.

4 Responses to “A Good Way to Waste Some Time”

  1. johnoreovicz Says:

    I don’t even need to watch to know that you guys provided more honest and useful information than Trackside.

  2. Here’s hoping One Take Only is also going to return!
    How about filming an episode of either one episode with Paul and John together while trackside, if that is possible?

  3. billytheskink Says:

    Excellent as always, gentlemen.

  4. Even with running a bit long, I was still able to fit this in before my beloved Law and Order reruns. Well done gentlemen. It’s not hard to tell where George is from.

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