My First Street Course

By Susan Phillips

The great thing about this race was how well-attended it was. I saw a wide variety of fans—I don’t know if Florida just loves a chance to gather and party or this is a well-established race that always draws a crowd. I did not see this from a fan’s perspective—finding a place to park in the downtown area, getting to the venue, and all the other things involved with attending a race in the downtown area.

They had once spoken of having a street course in Nashville near the Tennessee Titans stadium, but I can’t imagine how they would park all the cars. They have some good shuttle services available for Titans games, but they are not widely used. I can’t speak to the lengths you have to go through to attend this race as a fan or a resident of the area.

I didn’t see a single inebriated person staggering around the grounds, so you could say it was very family-friendly. They had a nice activity area for kids that included a climbing wall, a mechanical swing, and a slide.

The food choices were wide and varied. The prices were typical of most events, but the portions were generous. There were enough vendors to go around, as I did not see incredibly long lines for anything–maybe for ice cream as the day went on as the temperatures reached about 82 degrees. It seemed hotter because, it being a street course, there were not a lot of grassy areas that tend to cool things down. I was glad to leave the 35 degree temps with rain of Nashville behind.

It was great to be at a race again and one of the things I love about IndyCar is how accessible the drivers are. I always forget how friendly everyone is and I even managed to get some questions for my very first “Mrs. Oilpressure Trivia Contest”—coming in May. My trivia contest will be little-known fun facts about the drivers rather than Mr. Oilpressure’s facts about the Indy 500. Look for that in coming in May. Follow me on Instagram (Mrs.Oilpressure) and Twitter (@MrsOilpressure) and you might find some of the answers hidden among the posts. My Instagram feed has a lot of cakes that I’ve done on it also, just be prepared for that.

Here are some of the photos I took this weekend to give you a feel for the race. I’m still very much enjoying the camera I got for my birthday last year. I love taking photos of the people that give you a feel for the race rather than cars on the track.



bobby rahal


dixon jones

GP st. Pete car

band guy

newgarden selfie

p! Sticker


power dixon





food vendors

hunter reay







6 Responses to “My First Street Course”

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the weekend. Thanks for blogging.

  2. Wonderful photos Susan, great depth of field with the new camera. Thanks for being our eyes on the ground and it’s great to hear you two had a fun time. One question: how much time did George spend hunting for a tenderloin? 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. billytheskink Says:

    Is that first photo the back of Bobby Rahal’s head?

  4. What fantastic photos, Susan! Glad you two had a great time. Come out west next year in April for LB.

  5. Talón de Brea Says:

    The posts from the two of you complement each other’s posts well. Including a Magritte and the food vendors was a nice touch. Glad the weekend went well. Thanks for letting us follow along.

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