Some Changes Coming to

Most readers here know how much I detest change. I constantly live by the mantra that “Change is Bad”. But that is not to say that I am opposed to improvements or new things. That is what I am announcing today.

There are actually two changes and one new thing. One of the announcements will probably make everyone happy, while the other will make everyone yawn. The reaction to the new thing is still to be determined.

First of all, I’m sure everyone will be delighted to learn that going forward, you will see no more ads on this site. I was aware that a few years ago, WordPress (the host of this site) started placing ads under every article that was posted. Since I paid no money to WordPress, it was considered their property and they could legally do what they wanted. I didn’t like it, but I went along with it. Plus, since I am always logged into WordPress to access the dashboard and inner workings of the site – I never really saw the ads. But Susan would occasionally show them to me from her laptop and remark how disgusting some of them were (infected feet, for example).

The final straw was when it was brought to my attention this past Tuesday that there was a “windowshade” ad that came down from the top and actually obscured the text. My brother said he noticed that thing a couple of months ago, but never mentioned it to me. He figured I knew about it.



So effective Wednesday night, I finally forked out the nominal fee to WordPress to guarantee that you will no longer have to see any ads here anymore. If you do, please let me know.

The second change or improvement to the site will not matter to most of you, but will help in the branding of the site. Since I started this site almost ten years ago, I have paid for domain mapping so that anyone going to it would only have to type in But it always irked me that once you went to the site, you always saw in the address bar. If someone was ever telling them how to go to my site, they would either read or type that whole thing.

The worst was a couple of years ago. I’m not trying to brag, but I was actually quoted in a book on Art Pollard entitled Art Pollard: The Life and Legacy of a Gentleman Racer by Bob Kehoe. He says some very nice things about me on page 232 and uses some excerpts I had written in 2012. But he says I write for the site Seriously?

So if you’ll look up at the address window in your browser, you’ll see that it now simply says That’s how I have always referred to the site and how I’ve always tried to brand the site with T-Shirts, polos, sweatshirts, etc. I’m sure this matters to no one else but me, but it’s one of those little things that has bothered me for years. Now it’s finally been fixed.

The new thing is something that will make some happy and others groan. Many have noticed that there has not been a One Take Only video here since last May. Some are happy about that, but others have asked where it has gone. My cohort, John McLallen, has had some issues going on – not the least of which is a close family member in very poor health. Let’s just say that his enthusiasm for being made the butt of my jokes has waned considerably. Last fall, I asked if we would be doing any more episodes and he wouldn’t give me an answer – so I started thinking of a Plan B.

When Paul Dalbey started his new site, Field of 33, a couple of months ago I got to thinking that maybe he and I could do a remote video blog as sort of a joint effort between our two sites. We talked about it, made sure we could do it via Skype and we recorded our first episode of our new video venture; Two Sites Unite. The format is roughly the same, but it may be a little more structured and delve a little deeper into more hard core racing issues. For example, we dive into the new qualifying format for the Indianapolis 500 just announced yesterday. This first episode is a little rough and way too long. The video needs improving and the audio was off also. I think I know what the problem was there, but ran out of time to fix it. We’ll need to tweak it a lot and shorten it, going forward.

One difference is, with One Take Only – it was clearly my deal with John as my sidekick. With Two Sites Unite, this is a true joint venture and with no clearly defined leader. I will post each episode on my site, while Paul will post them on his. We’ll see how this evolves.

For those who think this is replacing One Take Only, fear not. I told John what we are doing and I think it has spurred him on. Supposedly, weather permitting – he and I will be taping a new One Take Only this Monday afternoon to be run on Wednesday – just before the season kicks off Friday at St. Petersburg.

So if you didn’t like One Take Only (and many did not), give Two Sites Unite a try. I can promise you it will be different. Whether or not it is any better or worse is for you to decide.

For those of you who saw the headline and thought there were major changes to this site – this is my definition of major. There are no cute graphics or new writers coming on board. I’m not changing my schedule of how often I post, and I’m sure not getting rid of this white type on black theme that drives so many people crazy. But when was the last time I’ve made any changes to this site? Yeah…never.

George Phillips

15 Responses to “Some Changes Coming to”

  1. BrandonW77 Says:

    Whew….had me worried there for a minute George! We all know how you feel about change, these must have been very tough decisions! 😀 Looking forward to reading your opinions on the qualifying changes.

  2. BrandonW77 Says:

    Oh, and for our UK friend, it was announce that Sky will be carrying all the IndyCar races this year. I guess it’s a pay channel which is normal for Americans but always seems to ruffle the feathers of our British friends.

    • Matthew Lawrenson Says:

      I saw it this morning. I was, of course, relieved that I’ll be able to see the races. But I’d prefer in future if they got the TV rights done before March.

      • BrandonW77 Says:

        Do you have to pay extra to get the Sky motorsports coverage?

        • Matthew Lawrenson Says:

          Sky Sports F1 is an extra £10.99 a month on top of the regular Sky Sports package (£33.99, I think). Doesn’t affect me as I’ll be watching down the pub.

  3. I was expecting an announcement of Oilpressure Gold and this becoming a pay per view site,or is that on the horizon?

  4. DZ-groundedeffects Says:


    *(except when it isn’t)

  5. Bruce Waine Says:

    So what is so wrong with being associated with “infected feet?”

    Might attract the attention of new INDY Car medical students ………………

  6. billytheskink Says:

    Who are these people who hate One Take Only and what size cement shoes do they wear?

  7. I usually read WordPress Oilpressure (see what I did there?) every M,W,F morning with coffee. I have since it was five days a week! (It was 5 days originally, right?) Anyway, big fan. But I don’t really have time in the a.m. to watch a long video, so I usually skip them (sorry.) If they were edited down to maybe 10 minutes, I would be more likely to watch.

    In the near future, people won’t read anymore anyway, they’ll just watch videos on their phones, so maybe you’re on to something.

    • BrandonW77 Says:

      During May we get treated to five days a week of stories, maybe even seven days for the weekends Susan drags George to the track and forces him to eat tenderloins.

      • Matthew Lawrenson Says:

        Q. Who does the most laps of IMS each May?

        a) The driver who wins the Indy 500

        b) The driver who has a dodgy car and needs to set it up in practice.

        c) George Phillips looking for the classic tenderloin standm

    • You are both correct. I still post five days a week in May (and more when at the track). But when this site first started in may of 2009, I posted Mon thru Fri. That lasted through the summer and I could no longer keep up that pace, so I cut back to three days a week in Sep 2009. It’s been that schedule ever since. – GP

      • BrandonW77 Says:

        Three days a week is a good number. Keeps you from getting burnt out and keeps us from being oversaturated. Makes me look forward to M, W, F mornings. Makes the daily reports in May more special too. I hope to treat you to a tenderloin this year!

  8. Discodave26indycaruk Says:

    Prefer John and one take only just but his family must come 1st…… it’s always good to have a good but slightly different backup which Paul/ two sites unite provided …… looking forward to the new season if I can find a uk TV station that shows anything more than 2 minutes highlights …… at the very least if alonso is in the 500 it should get some hype over here after the Monaco gp

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