This Weekend Is All A Blur

By Susan Phillips

I hit the big 6-0 this year, and I haven’t thought much about my age or what all those years mean—I’m just glad I’m here and enjoying relatively good health—until lately. One morning at 4 am, I was driving on a two-lane road to one of my stores for work in a small town, and I came face-to-face with a car and on the periphery of my vision, I saw a group of deer beside the road. As the car approached, all I saw was headlight flare and as I struggled to make sure I was between the lines, the deer started moving. It was one of those defining moments that something was not right with my vision.

A visit to the ophthalmologist confirmed it—cataracts—yes, those things your Grandma gets. Surgery on one eye is scheduled for Wednesday, I tried to get in before the Bommarito 500, but it was not meant to be. It’s sort of like looking at the world through a fogged-up glass. Driving during daylight hours seems to be navigable, but after dusk, it’s not so great. Not an optimal time for a night race.

I say all this not for sympathy, but for explanation. If I don’t say “hi” to you or seem anti-social it’s because I can’t completely see you and that has a tendency to make me withdraw. I’ll be back to my old self by the time we go to Sonoma—the second eye is scheduled for right after Labor Day to allow for healing for our trip. Which by the way, we are taking suggestions for what to do the days following the race when we are taking a few days to relax in California.

Lord only know what I’ll be able to see tonight, but I’m so glad to be here. I also have great admiration for those who make their way to tracks on crutches, using wheelchairs, or any other way they can get here and enjoy a race.

I can see pretty well through my camera lens, so I’ll be taking some shots today to give you a feel for Gateway Motorsports Park.

100th Pace Car

food vendor

autograph line

canadian symbol auto

hinch auto

marco rossi


rossi auto

power auto

newgarden auto3

Number 4

maclaren bud



7 Responses to “This Weekend Is All A Blur”

  1. carburetor Says:

    Susan–wishing you much success with your eye surgeries! You are a brave one! Thanks for the photos, too! Enjoy the race/festivities.

  2. Leslie E Bissell Says:

    Great pics Susan! Good luck with your surgery.

  3. Great pics. Good luck with the surgery. Cataract surgery is the easiest thing ever

  4. billytheskink Says:

    Super trooper.

  5. Bruce Waine Says:

    Susan – A suggestion, if you have not already thought of it.

    Please check with your surgeon to learn if riding in a pressurized aircraft will in any way have a detrimental affect on the successful healing of your eye surgery.

    Best to know in advance if the aircraft cabin pressure may be harmful to your long term vision recovery.

    Be well. – Bruce

    • Mrs. Oilpressure Says:

      I’ve already checked with her about that—I was originally scheduled for eye #2 the week before Sonoma and flying is OK, but being away from her care is not should something go wrong, so I rescheduled for the week of Labor Day. I remember when my grandmother had hers done and she had sandbags on each side of her head so she couldn’t move.

  6. Lynn Weinberg Says:

    Great pictures, Susan. I’m still upset that I didn’t get to St Louis and spend some time with you and George!

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