The One Bad Thing About May

For readers of this site, one of the bad things about the Month of May is that it means multiple episodes of One Take Only in a short period of time. For those that are not regulars here, One Take Only is the videoblog of It is unscripted, unrehearsed and unedited. It is myself and my longtime friend John McLallen sitting in my backyard talking racing once the camera starts rolling. Some think that it’s so hokey and amateurish that it’s quaint. Others just consider it hokey and amateurish.

In this episode we mostly discuss my trip to IMS this past Monday, while looking ahead to the rest of the month. In the interest of full disclosure, this episode was recorded Tuesday afternoon after work. I ate a late dinner at Dawson’s on Monday and did not leave Indianapolis until almost 9:30 Monday night. The result was, I didn’t get home until the wee hours of Tuesday morning and had to get up at 5:00 am to go to work Tuesday.

When this was recorded Tuesday afternoon after a full day at work, I was running on fumes and not thinking clearly. John caught me off guard by asking who was the quickest on Monday. I had already known that it was Tony Kanaan in the famous No.14 Foyt car; but at that point I went blank and uttered that it may have been Dixon but I wasn’t sure. At my age, I need my rest in order to function.

For those that like these, you’ll be glad to know that there will be at least one more of these before the “500”. For those of you that hate these videos, you’ve been warned. If you like them, pour a cup of coffee and spend the next few minutes with us. For the others, come back tomorrow.

George Phillips

8 Responses to “The One Bad Thing About May”

  1. BrandonWright77 Says:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I enjoy the One Take Only. 🙂 You should film one from The Speedway!

    • We did one from IMS in May 2012 (Check the “One Take Only” archives page listed on the right-hand column). But John generally only comes up for Race Weekend and it’s hard to coordinate then. Too much going on.

    • billytheskink Says:

      Heaven help me, but I really enjoy it too.

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    Apparently George missed her, but Danica looked precise, comfortable, and reasonably fast during her one test only refresher.

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