Merry Christmas, From!

Once again, it’s that time of year where my keyboard goes into a short hibernation for the winter. There are two reasons for that. First, there is very little IndyCar news between Christmas and the New Year. Second, I like to take a little break to enjoy this time of year and also to recharge my batteries.

Susan and I would also like to take this time to thank everyone for another fun year on this site. We traveled together to Barber, the three weekends in Indianapolis, Road America and Gateway; while I went solo to Pocono.

It’s been an interesting year, professionally. I never alluded to it on this site, but throughout the Month of May and into the summer; the possibility loomed that my job could essentially be outsourced and I could be unemployed. The possibility became reality in late summer, but there was a happy ending. The “new” company kept those of us that had not already fled to other jobs. As of the Monday after the Gateway race, I now have a new employer; but I sit in my same office with even the same phone number. It’s crazy. Best of all, I continue to work with my co-worker, best friend and One Take Only cohort John McLallen. We landed very softly. I’m just glad this very stressful year is coming to a merciful end. If I never hear the word “outsourcing” again, it will suit me just fine.

So Susan and I are looking forward to a good 2018 – not only for us personally, but also in IndyCar. The new car is showing promise on the track and really looks good even while sitting still. I can’t wait to see it in person. I’m sure hoping it races as well as it looks.

And of course, we are already counting down to our favorite time of year – the Month of May. We haven’t finalized our other races for the coming year. I have less vacation time to work with, but we will try to at least attend the ones we did last season – maybe more.

But for now, Susan and I want to wish each of you a safe and warm holiday season. We thank you for continuing to check out our little site over the years and we look forward to more fun in 2018. I will return here on Monday January 8.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Susan and George Phillips


12 Responses to “Merry Christmas, From!”

  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Team OilPressure!

    Little did I know you’ve had somewhat of a rough year, yet even more so, I’d like to congratulate you on having pulled through and having things turn out favorably.

    Here’s looking forward to next year’s coverage of IndyCar from you and your team, and to One Take Only especially.

  2. I had hoped after the first one that “One Take Only” was a promise, but sadly it turned out to be an explanation. Production values could be increased with the addition of beer and Johnsonville brats and appearances by your wives. I come here first for IndyCar news on Monday and Friday. On Wednesday I look to Robin Miller first at Racer.Com. I look forward to your reporting and your photos from those races you are able to attend in 2018. Always good stuff. Susan’s subtle comments about her husband’s foibles……….also good stuff.

  3. Happy Christmas you two. Thanks for the great reading through the year. Always helps to get good info over here in the UK. Have a great New Year.

  4. James T Suel Says:

    Marry Christmas to you and your family. Glad to here everything worked out for you. See you in the new year.BG

  5. Merry Christmas George. Thanks for Oilpressure,

  6. Chris Foos Says:

    George, thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this. I don’t get to read your blog as much as I like but when i do I really enjoy it. I hope that you and Susan have a Merry Christmas and a great 2018. Maybe this year I will get up the nerve to introduce myself to you at the Burger Bash.

  7. If there was a title of “Senior Blogger” in the IndyCar sphere, you would be it. You have seemingly outlasted and persevered. Hope that you and Susan have a great 2018, and I look forward to reading the further adventures of Mr. & Mrs. Oilpressure!

  8. Thanks a million for another great year at Oilpressure, George. When regularly reading just about anything anymore, I find myself asking “does this increase my enjoyment of following [insert topic]?” With your site, my enjoyment of IndyCar is always increased, without question.

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to both of you, George and Susan. Hope to see both of you at the track(s) in 2018.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and Susan!

  10. I echo all of the above. I look forward to the thrice weekly postings. So glad you and John landed on your feet at work. Let’s gladly say adieu to this year and hope for a better 2018. Merry Christmas to all!

  11. Thank you for another year George and Susan. I too have made oil another year of my MWF routine.

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