An Unpleasant Way To Start Summer

Welcome to the first full day of summer! While many of you may be planning cookouts or trips to the beach in the near future, you probably didn’t plan on starting summer off like this.

Most have probably savored the past month without an episode of One Take Only. Unfortunately, it’s back. For those that don’t know or tried to forget, One Take Only is the videoblog of It is about as low-budget (meaning no budget) as you can get. It is just two friends, John McLallen and myself, who both happened to grow up as lifelong IndyCar fans. John is a native Hoosier who grew up in Indianapolis and went to his first “500” in 1964. Mine was in 1965. As it turns out, we went to many of the same races as kids and adults before we became friends about ten years ago with both of us now living in Nashville.

Why the name? Because we plan nothing. There is no script or outline or even a conversation about what we are going to talk about. We just set up the camera in my backyard and start talking about IndyCar racing. They are always unrehearsed and unedited. What you see is what we get – goofs and all. While many find these boring and something to avoid, there is enough of a following that actually likes these that prompt us to keep doing them.

In this episode, we recap the last four races; Texas, the double-header in Detroit and of course, the Indianapolis 500 – since the last one of these we did was just after Indianapolis 500 Qualifying about a month ago. We also touch on the proposed Grand Prix of Nashville, which I will eventually write about and cover my thoughts on it in detail, later this summer.; as well as this weekend’s race at Road America.

So pour a cup of coffee, sit back and listen to two slightly-informed old goats do some bench-racing. You’ve been warned.

George Phillips

7 Responses to “An Unpleasant Way To Start Summer”

  1. Ron Ford Says:

    Oh sure, the old “One Take” and run trick. Anyway, I wish for you and Susan a safe and fun trip to RA and back. While much of Wisconsin can be relied upon for fresh air, mix that with the smell of racing fuel, grilled bratwurst, and craft beer on tap and you have sensory overload. The local weather forecast for Sunday is of the kind that drives racing fans nuts……..”20% chance of showers”. Would it hurt them to say 80% chance of sunshine??!!
    Of course, a little “racin’ in the rain” at RA (the NPOS) would make things interesting. Some IndyCar drivers are very good at that. So you may want to get rain tires with your golf cart. Happy trails.

    Regarding the Nashville race proposal, I will be looking forward to your take on that. If that becomes a reality, perhaps IndyCar would also consider a race around Lambeau stadium in Green Bay in the fall. Instead of competing with the football season, IndyCar could combine a race with a game.

    • I am still throwing in my slicker. So looking forward to seeing the race Sunday and enjoying new scenery.

      • Ron Ford Says:

        While I cannot make this year’s race due to family obligations, I am thrilled that you can make it. My recommendation for the best food stand is the “St. John the Baptist” stand run by a local church group. It is in the pit area. Not far down from there is a overlook looking down on turn 5 which is probably the most action filled turn of the course. George and Susan usually rent a golf cart to wander around the track in. Welcome to Wisconsin!!!

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Despite Eddie Gossage’s saber-rattling, I don’t think COTA has expressed nearly as much interest in hosting Indycar as popular opinion leads us to believe. I have even heard that they allegedly turned down the opportunity to take the Houston race’s slot on the schedule a few years ago, citing demands from Formula 1. There is no guarantee Indycar will run at COTA if Texas is dropped.

  3. I loved both Detroit races. But something that would make races better, in general, would be for NBCSN to hire a former race strategist to keep track of pit strategies, telemetries, and supply running percentages/odds for the current potential winner(s). Kind of like the percentages shown on the world series of poker, that change as the cards are turned over.

  4. as always you guys rock it! Love the show!!

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